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3 They want to dig deeper into the real, the authentic. And that’s precisely what our excursions offer. Exploration without pretence. Genuine experiences, where you’ll be led to the foods that locals want to eat, the history you haven’t heard before, and the views that capture the real essence of the Aegean. Whatever you’re looking for from your experience, the result is sure to be memorable. We ensure the story is one to remember, with excursions crafted to suit all the tastes and interests of your group. Immerse yourself in the authentic - strolling or swimming, savouring or sunning, whatever you’re searching for, let us help you find it for real. EXPLORERS NEVER WANT TO SIMPLY SCRATCH THE SURFACE Take it from us, discovering Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean isn’t an everyday experience - even for people who really do it every day. Cruising the Aegean is what we do best, but it’s never something we take for granted. At each stop, There’s a tale to tell. Whether it’s the whispering of the waves, a walk through a dusty ancient ruin, or the first mouthful of a family recipe passed down for generations, rest assured that you’ll be sailing away with your very own Celestyal story.

FOODIE HEAVEN Best food in Heraklion 4 be a little wiser and a lot more satisfied by the end of your trip. Drink it in! Succumbing to the temptation to take it easy is far from frowned upon here. In fact, it’s actively encouraged. Whether that’s a Gerovasilleiou in Thessaloniki, delicious home cooking in Mykonos, or the sense explosion that is Food on Foot in Heraklion, you’ll be encouraged to savour the best bites on to be found. With each island escape comes new opportunities to slowly wander the beautiful towns and villages on a culinary tour worth its weight in olives. And indeed, if olives are your kryptonite, you’re in the right place. When harvest season rolls around, enjoy a tour of one of the many groves and learn the ancient history of ‘liquid gold’, aka olive oil. Vacation is all about the food. There’s simply no better way to indulge your sense of adventure! The opportunity for culinary discovery is endless on our Aegean excursions. You might be in search of the perfect Greek salad or the moussaka you’ve been dreaming of since you touched down. Have an urge to sample the secrets of a Mediterranean diet? Perhaps an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at local specialities is more your thing. And with experts awaiting your arrival to offer insight into just why the traditional delicacies are quite so moreish, you’re likely to Of course, a true Celestyal dive into the culinary scene would not be complete without wine. Take your taste buds on a tour of the sun, sea and soil and extend your pallet to the shores of Thessaloniki, where rich treasures in tall glasses await.


Need to know! 6 Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, tastes, aromas and culture of historic Thessaloniki in an all round, sensory experience. This is what travel and discovery are all about. Not just a superficial passing through, but something that offers a much deeper understanding of your destination, creating vivid memories that will stay with you. You will see, feel, hear, taste and smell Thessaloniki. THESSALONIKI Aristotelous Square This a remarkable city that is easy to fall in love with, the home of fine food, rich history and stunning coastlines. It has Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman influences. Soak up the atmosphere around the historic centre, see how the past and present fuse together, enjoy the places where locals go, try some of the local delicacies and learn how they fit into Thessaloniki’s culture. The starting point is a walk along the seafront Promenade to Aristotelous Square, the largest and most central square of the city. There is the famous landmark of Thessaloniki, the White Tower, built by the Ottomans in the 15th century to defend the eastern end of the city’s sea walls. THESSALONIKI FOOD ON FOOT We’ll walk to Navarinou Square, to see the ruins of a palace, part of Caesar Galerius’ Royal Complex of buildings, the Arch of Galerius and Rotunda. The nearby St. Sophia Church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As the history unfolds before our eyes so we sample local specialities in various establishments as we go. We will walk through to the old olive oil market, today known as Ladadika. The area is a gem, full of life day and night with everything from luxurious restaurants to typical Greek taverns. This is the perfect taste of intriguing Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki Koulouri You will see, feel, hear, taste and smell Thessaloniki Price: ADULT US$121 Duration: Half day Limited availability for 9-18 guests Tour code: THS-10 Available itineraries: Idyllic Aegean, Eclectic Aegean & Christmas

THESSALONIKI CELESTYAL CRUISES FOODIE HEAVEN RICH HISTORY OF A FAMOUS GREEK WINERY Need to know! This is what we might call a full bodied tour to the slopes of Epanomi Hills, a short distance from the city of Thessaloniki. More than any other type of alcohol, wine has the uncanny ability to stimulate your senses and bring the greatest pleasure to your taste buds as well as sight and smell. A good wine can have magical qualities which is why people talk about it in the way they do. So for wine lovers, our trip to Ktima Gerovassiliou will be an unforgettable and fully sensual experience. This is one of the most reputed wine companies in Greece having been in business for more than 40 years. We are led by a knowledgeable wine-guide who will share their passion and show us the meticulously tended 71-hectare vineyard, wine production, bottling, ageing areas and the wine museum. You can choose the labels you wish to taste or opt for one of the specially designed wine experiences. Among the international names, the grapes used include Chardonnay, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah and Merlot. The local white wine includes Malagaousia and Assyrtiko and the reds Limnio, Mavroudi and Mavrotragano. All have a rich history. Current and rare past vintages, tasty combinations and the magnificent view of the imposing vineyard are at the heart of your visit to Ktima Gerovassiliou. Your trip to Ktima Gerovassiliou will be an unforgettable and fully sensual experience 7 Price: ADULT US$157 Duration: Half day Limited availability for 10-15 guests Tour code: THS-09 Available itineraries: Idyllic Aegean, Eclectic Aegean & Christmas

Arich flavour of Crete this tour certainly is. It will stimulate your senses and leave you with enduring memories of the most wonderful tastes and smells. Close your eyes long after you have returned home and those aromas will come drifting back to remind you of a unique Cretan experience. The island’s cuisine is famous - some say miraculous. Our expert guides are true food lovers and wine connoisseurs, so you will be in the best possible hands. With them you will discover some of Heraklion’s wonderful hidden gems to sample the very best of Mediterranean cuisine. At nine different places you will enjoy a flavour of what’s on offer. Original Cretan herbal tea with thyme-infused honey, a variety of cheeses, olives, Greek custard pie with phyllo, delicious meze dishes HERAKLION FOOD ON FOOT paired with local wine and Cretan raki, as well as street food, all the while admiring the stunning scenery. Tasting the very best of Crete is interwoven with a tour of the historic monuments of Heraklion immersing you in the capital’s fascinating history. The ancient city of Knossos ‘gave birth’ to the very first civilisation of Europe, the Minoans. The Minotaur, half man, half bull lived in the Labyrinth and was slain by Theseus. But that’s another story, one of many. Cretan food is renowned across the globe as the original Mediterranean Diet, perhaps the world’s healthiest, abundant in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and olive oil. It features fish and poultry - lean sources of protein - over red meat. It has wellbeing at its heart and reflects Crete’s rich diversity in landscape and plant life producing an amazing array of aromas and flavour. It has inspired menus across Europe and beyond. Historically Cretans have only eaten what their land produced. Now it’s your turn. There’s so much food for thought. This is truly a unique, unforgettable and sensory experience. Who knows, it might even change your life. Tasting the very best of Crete 8 HERAKLION Need to know! Price: ADULT US$145 Duration: Half day Limited availability for 9-15 Guests Tour code: HER-09 Available itineraries: 4 Night Iconic Aegean, Idyllic Aegean & New Year

A DELICIOUS TASTE OF ‘LIQUID GOLD’ Need to know! If you have tasted liquid gold before, it has probably never been as authentic this. This Pelion peninsula is a little known Greek jewel with the port city of Volos more or less half way between Athens and Thessaloniki on the east coast. From snowy mountains to beautiful beaches Pelion has everything with the added advantage of being relatively untouched by mass tourism. So this will be real journey of personal discovery for you. You can feel you are really new ground and visiting somewhere than many people would not be able to place on a map, or indeed would not have heard of. Discover the world of beautiful Pelion and what we call liquid gold and find out first hand what makes the very best Greek olive oil so special. For centuries, olives and olive oil have been an essential in every Pelion home and a source of pride and joy for those who produce it. They love to share it. Authentic Pelion olive oil comes from specific olive varieties and has a pungent taste and a smell of freshcut grass. Our tour begins with a drive along the coastal side of South Pelion. At the village of Koropi, you feel at one with the natural environment as we stroll through the olive trees and learn all about various olive, the production process and a few little secrets from the local producer. But don’t tell anyone. You are very welcome to join in with the harvesting of the oils. After this wonderful experience getting to the heart of such an important part of Greek life and culture, we’ll head to an olive mill to watch the extra virgin oil being produced and taste it fresh and warm with some snacks. What could possibly be more Greek? 9 VOLOS CELESTYAL CRUISES FOODIE HEAVEN Price: ADULT US$121 Duration: Half day Limited availability for 10-20 Guests Tour code: VOL-07 Available itineraries: Eclectic Aegean

Need to know! The mountainous Pelion peninsula is breathtaking but still relatively untouched by mass tourism. Not forgotten exactly, just not crowded. Rocky, exposed landscapes make way for lush pine woods, fruit orchards and olive groves. The beaches are said to be the finest in all Greece. Homer described this as the land of quivering foliage. And with good reason. It is a rich natural larder and local cuisine also reflects the peninsula’s many foreign influences. THE SECRETS OF PELION CUISINE But whatever the dish, local, fresh and seasonal ingredients are guaranteed. It’s here we learn secrets of Pelion cuisine. Our hosts will show us all the little tricks that Greek cooking has to offer with recipes often handed down through the generations. In a beautiful region like this, it’s an even more memorable and intriguing experience. So what’s on the menu? First a welcome with a cup of hot mountain tea or homemade sour cherry juice. Then a lesson on how to cook traditional meatballs in tomato sauce. Kneading the meatballs, prepare fresh tomato sauce and serving it with local pasta. This is followed by batzina, an original zucchini pie from Thessaly, traditional refreshing aromatic yogurt dip, tzatziki with herbs from the garden and a fresh seasonal salad. Guests depart having shared some secrets and armed with small gifts and a diploma in Pelion cuisine! Vegetarian options can be included. Our hosts will show us all the little tricks that Greek cooking has to offer Traditional meatballs 10 VOLOS Price: ADULT US$194 Duration: Half day Limited availability for 10-17 Guests Tour code: VOL-06 Available itineraries: Eclectic Aegean & New Year

PELION SPOON SWEETS Need to know! If you have been to Greece before, you will probably heard of Sweet Spoons or Glyko tou Koutaliou. You may even have tried them. This traditional conserved fruit Greek treat is often served to guests and it’s particularly well known in Pelion, between Athens and Thessaloniki. Here, every home has a jar on the shelf or in the cupboard. We visit the beautiful community of Vizitsa included in Unesco’s global list of preserved villages with its stone built paths and mansions. Here we meet the Women Cooperation Esperides in their kitchen and learn all about the tradition as they prepare the sweets for us and other travellers. And once the lesson is underway we can all get involved. The local Sweet Spoons are mostly known for the ingredient of baby apples. The ladies started their shop and kitchen in 2011 with their own savings and are totally dedicated to their craft. You will find it a delightful experience to meet them and share their love for what they do. Later there is free time to stroll in the village’s square and paths and then a stop in the main square of Milies to visit the famous church of Pameggiston Taxiarchon. Glyka tou koutaliou (Spoon Sweet) Glyka tou koutaliou (Greek Spoon Sweets) From coffee and cookies, to cakes, homemade liqueurs, and more... 11 VOLOS CELESTYAL CRUISES FOODIE HEAVEN Price: ADULT US$121 Duration: Half day Limited availability for 10-17 Guests Tour code: VOL-08 Available itineraries: Eclectic Aegean

12 ISTANBUL Need to know! ‘We don’t make dessert, we make baklava,’ says Nadir Gullu, the master baklavaci of Istanbul. For an authentic experience of something as Turkish as Turkish Delight or the Ottoman Empire, why not come and spend a few hours in the company of this icon of Istanbul and learn all about mouthwatering baklava, the Sultan of Meals. Turkish Baklava, also known as Fistikli Baklava or Pistachio Baklava is a deliciously rich, buttery, sweet dessert made from phyllo dough, TURKISH BAKLAVA MAKING finely ground pistachios, butter, and a syrup made from sugar, water and lemon juice. The family business was set up in 1820 and Nadir’s father moved to Istanbul in 1949. You’ll be able to tour the five storey factory across the water from Topkapi Palace and watch a demonstration of the baklavamaking process by the master himself, as well as trying your hand at production. There will be all sorts of pastries and assorted desserts to sample for lunch consisting of pistachio and walnut baklava and kadayif, served with tea and lemonade. Each guest receives a slice of baklava in a box with the flag of their own country on top. Before visiting the shop, pause to have a group photograph with the great baklavaci before saying farewell. Nadir Gullu has prepared his unique baklava for kings and world leaders and will do so for you. An extraordinarily delicious taste of Istanbul, rooted deep in Ottoman tradition. Delicious! My first Turkish Baklava Meet Nadir Gullu, the master baklavaci of Istanbul. Price: ADULT US$170 Duration: Half day Limited availability for 10-15 Guests Tour code: IST-23 Available itineraries: Eclectic Aegean & New Year

LIMASSOL CELESTYAL CRUISES FOODIE HEAVEN LIMASSOL OMODOS - OENOU YI WINERY Need to know! The Troodos is the largest mountain range in Cyprus, high above the popular beaches and busy resorts. And here on these tranquil and sun-kissed slopes sits the village of Omodos, a popular destination for those who enjoy wine, traditional arts and crafts, walking through streets little changed by time and wonderful views. This full bodied tour is an enriching experience for anyone, even more so if you love wine. The setting is incredible and you will return home with memories to treasure. Omodos has a long wine making history. It is inextricably linked to the island’s long history and tradition of the product. The two are synonymous. The famous True Cross Timios Stavros Monastery, with its numerous myths and legends is a major attraction at Omodos too. After spending time in the village we visit the Ktima Vassiliades Oenou Yi (or Land of Wine) to taste a full range of superb local wines, including Zivania and Commandaria. The winery spectacularly lies between the peaks of the Troodos and facing the magnificent Mount Olympus. The beautiful vineyards are laid out in amphitheatre style in the most stunning of locations. The wine is produced with years of love, devotion and dedication something you can feel when you are there and taste in the produce. The winery was founded in 2017, by lawyer and winemaker Christodoulos G. Vassiliades. It is a new venture in viticulture and wine production but brings with it centuries of wine tradition. For wine lovers this is a fascinating and exceptional few hours. For everyone it is an opportunity to replenish to soul in the peace of the Troodos. Omodos village Take an eclectic journey into the land of Omodos and history 13 Price: ADULT US$96 Duration: Half day Limited availability for 15-20 Guests Tour code: LIM-08 Available itineraries: Three Continents & New Year

Need to know! This is an authentic taste of the island of lovers featuring wonderful flavours to bring your taste buds alive in an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Milos is the southernmost island in the Cyclades and we will be sampling the best of local cuisine on the move, in a tour designed to stimulate and excite the senses. Trek to the heart and soul of Milos by car and sample its gastronomy, a delightful and delicious combination of very traditional fare and the up to the moment, with modern restaurants offering the finest dishes but staying true to local ways of doing things. The two things sit side MILOS FOOD ON FOOT by side very comfortably. Just some of the delicacies on our menu are the local vegetarian pizza (Ladenia) in Adamas, watermelon pie (Karpouzopita) in Plaka and in Pollonia, dessert (Koufeto) made from honey, pumpkin and almonds at one of the renowned family run pastry shops. Here we will also visit a local cave winery to sample the local specialities and then a family owned establishment producing cheese and other produce. This is the chance to experience the most mouthwatering delicacies of Milos and drop by some of its renowned restaurants, all the while soaking up the unique atmosphere of the island as we go. Its beauty is astounding, with turquoise bays, stunning beaches, crystal clear waters, romantic atmosphere and the most enchanting towns and villages. Not bad for an island flung out of the sea by a volcanic eruption a few million years ago. And all this on top of the wonderful food. Adamas harbor town of Milos Vegetarian pizza ‘Ladenia’ The memories are just waiting to be made on Milos Karpouzopita watermelon pie 14 MILOS Price: ADULT US$145 Duration: Half day Limited availability for 15-20 Guests Tour code: MIL-12 Available itineraries: Idyllic Aegean

HOME COOKING AND HOSPITALITY IN MYKONOS Need to know! Myconian hospitality is legendary and this tour for a small and select group offers a wonderful taste and flavour of what that means. We all know food and drink is an important part of any holiday, as you immerse yourself in your destination’s culture and lifestyle. It’s an essential ingredient in the whole experience. The locals on the Island of Winds are proud of and passionate about their way of life. They love to share it with visitors and you will be made to feel like one of the family. We are hosted in a traditional homestead or Spiti, for a fun Greek cooking class and some little gastronomic secrets. A very warm welcome awaits along with loukoumi, Greece’s own version of Turkish delight and a cheery glass of Teta’s liqueur. There is a tour of the kitchen and garden and an informative session on how to cultivate your own vegetables all year-round. In a corner of the garden will be a small taster of local specialities along with locally-made wine and raki. There will be a masterclass on how to make delicious Greek spinach pie, stuffed tomatoes and peppers and the famous Greek dip, tzatziki - with your help and using fresh seasonal ingredients. Afterwards enjoy a tasty lunch and savour the fruits of your labour, accompanied by locally produced wine. Before saying goodbye, enjoy a photo opportunity at the Spiti, a lovely way to mark a memorable few hours. You may also have some new recipe ideas to try out when you get home. Greek spinach pie A fun Greek cooking class and some little gastronomic secrets Tasty loukoumi 15 MYKONOS CELESTYAL CRUISES FOODIE HEAVEN Price: ADULT US$206 Duration: Half day Tour code: MYK-14 Available itineraries: Idyllic Aegean

Need to know! You may already know this, but there is nowhere quite like beautiful and breathless Santorini, one of the most photographed destinations in the world. Imagine yourself in a stunning, whitewashed walled mountain village, in the warm, gentle, sunny breeze, gazing out over the sparking blue Aegean. You may not know which way to point your camera or smart phone because the vista is overwhelming whichever way you look. Pyrgos village A TASTE OF WINE AND TRADITION But perhaps don’t worry about taking pictures, at least not yet. Just gaze in awe.... Live in the moment. This could be you at Pyrgos, a charming village that once served as the capital of Santorini. On a walking tour explore the traditional Cyladic architecture that gives Santorini its unique look and feel. Strolll through the remains of a Venetian fortress and see the historical 18th century monastery of Profitis Ilias (Prophet Elias) one of the oldest on the island. It is closed to the public but remains home to one solitary monk and this vantage point offers the most spectacular views over the island. At Venetsanos Winery, the oldest winery on the island, savour a variety of extraordinary, authentic local vintages. Then at the Avanti Winery, enjoy a range of varietals, learning of the island’s unique viticulture, which produces some of the crispest whites and seductively sweet wines in the Mediterranean. In the capital Fira there is free time to shop and explore on your own before returning to ship with some wonderful images - in your mind and maybe in the camera. Bells of Megalochori Venetsanos wine tasting If ever there is a time for mindfulness, surely this is it 16 SANTORINI Price: ADULT US$145 Duration: Half day Limited availability for 10-15 Guests Tour code: SAN-15 Available itineraries: 3 & 4 Night Iconic Aegean, Idyllic Aegean & Eclectic Aegean

ATHENS FOOD ON FOOT Need to know! Join us on a very special journey. Come and share our love for Athens and its cuisine on a tour that brings the senses well and truly alive in more ways than one. Sharing our passion for Greece and all things Greek is what we do. It’s our mission to inspire you and where better to start than Classical Athens, the cradle of civilisation and the birthplace of democracy. Here we experience together in a panoramic tour, some of the world’s most magnificent and historic sites. The Acropolis and the majestic and magnificent Parthenon. The Changing of the Guard outside Parliament, Syntagma Square. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, National Academy, Academy University, Old Parliament and the Russian Orthodox Church. There is yet more to marvel at and be inspired by. Panathinaiko Stadium, site of the first modern Olympic Games, the new classical Zappion and the Roman temple of Zeus and Arch of Hadrian. Then it’s time to share the delicious and evocative tastes and smells of traditional Greek cuisine. We drop into a traditional kafenio - or coffee shop for a Greek coffee and some great hospitality. Then a stroll through the bustling central market and the spice market. Once you have taken in the air on Evripidou Street, the distinctive scent will be hard to forget. Breathe in. Scents help make the most wonderful memories too, a proven fact. The intriguing aromas comes from the mix of foods and spices wafting out from the open-fronted stores. After this aromatic experience we will most certainly be ready to try the traditional souvlaki in Monastiraki a market neighbourhood in the old town and one of the main shopping districts in Athens. The area is home to clothing boutiques, souvenir shops, and specialty stores, and is a major tourist attraction bargain shopping. Then its time to visit a traditional sweet shop for a mouthwatering taste of delicious loukoumades, yeast-risen dough puffs, deep fried to golden brown, drizzled with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon. Our final stop on this unique tour of history, culture and gastronomy is a visit to one of Athens oldest distilleries in famous Plaka, in the shadow of the Acropolis, to sample the local tsipouro or ouzo. A perfect end to a day filled with wonderful sights, sounds, smells and flavours. You won’t forget that heady combination. 17 ATHENS CELESTYAL CRUISES FOODIE HEAVEN Price: ADULT US$145 Duration: Half day Limited availability for 9-15 Guests Tour code: PIR-11 Available itineraries: Idyllic Aegean & Eclectic Aegean, Christmas & New Year

CULTURE VULTURE 18 Heading off the beaten track is underrated. Stepping away from the well-travelled road, and into the heart of authentic culture offers a true taste of adventure; one you’re sure to find on one of our tailored excursions. A vacation is often about losing yourself in new, unearthed experiences. A fond local welcome can come in many forms, but in all of them there’s no doubt you’ll be on a voyage of discovery – about the culture and perhaps about yourself. When will you ever have the chance to try your hand at mosaic-making, creating your own unique piece of art under the guiding hand of a local artist in Mykonos? Or take a turn at pottery in Rhodes, famous for its love of ceramics? Or to dine on the shores of the Bosporus as your mind buzzes from witnessing the incredible Whirling Dervishes? Capture the opportunity with both hands, and mould it into your own artistic memory for keeping. Immersing yourself in local culture – truly soaking, bathing in it – doesn’t always require too much Mosaic making

19 A fond welcome can come in many forms, but in all of them there’s no doubt you’ll be on a voyage of discovery work. Sometimes, all you have to do is sit and listen. Music to your ears? Santorini’s wonderful instrumentalists extend a familiar hand to eager visitors, on a journey through time with traditional Greek Whirling Dervishes Perfecting pottery instruments. It doesn’t get more authentic than that. There’s much to learn, and much to be explored, as our cultural excursions explore the soul and spirit of what it really means to live in our amazing blue world.

Need to know! This is unique opportunity to learn the fascinating secrets of a skill famed across the area. The art of the mosaic is making images and designs using small pieces of coloured, glass, marble, stones or tiles. It’s astonishingly beautiful and Greek mosaics are said to be the earliest art form still in existence today. They are an integral part of Greek civilisation and culture. Our talented artist who has been been giving lessons for many years and loves to THE BEAUTIFUL ART OF MOSAIC MAKING share her knowledge, will teach you the ancient and contemporary art of mosaic-making in Mykonos. She also helps you create your own unique work of art which you can take home as a lovely and very personal memento of your visit to the island. Mykonos is located across the water from Delos, the iconic island of antiquity, known for its ancient history and wealth of knowledge. It is one of the most important archaeological locations in Greece, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the mythical birthplace of Apollo. After your wonderful, peaceful, creative mosaic experience, there is time to wander the atmospheric streets of Mykonos Town or sit and enjoy a leisurely, contemplative coffee before returning to the ship. Exploring Mykonos 20 MYKONOS Price: ADULT US$145 Duration: Half day Limited availability for 5-25 Guests Tour code: MYK-13 Available itineraries: Idyllic Aegean

GENTS ANATOLIAN WELL-BEING (BERBER AND HAMMAM) Need to know! What could be more Turkish than a reinvigorating Turkish Bath? Or to more precise, a Turkish Bath, haircut, shave and a shoe shine. So if you would like to make yourself at home and immerse yourself completely in the local culture, join us at Cemberlitas Hamami, an historic Turkish Bath. This is an unforgettable experience, a huge part of Turkish culture. It’s located between Constantine 1st’s Vezirhan monument and the Köprülü Mahmud Pasa mosque, school and tombs. The Hamam has been faithfully restored and was originally built in 1584 for Nurbanu Sultan, the head of Istanbul’s imperial harem. As you walk through the impressive arches you can certainly feel the weight of historical significance in a city that’s more than just a city, it’s a global story too. Turkish baths follow a three-step process featuring a sauna and steam, a full body wash and a massage. This opens up all your pores, increases your blood circulation and removes all dead cells. It’s good for stress, tension and blood pressure. The result is absolutely invigorating. After the Turkish Bath experience there’s a haircut and shave Turkish style. The tradition of the Turkish shave dates far back. The Turkish Barber is not only a place to have a shave or haircut but almost a social event Join us for this ritual of Turkish culture. You won’t forget it. This is a unique experience, a huge part of Turkish culture 21 ISTANBUL CELESTYAL CRUISES CULTURE VULTURE Price: ADULT US$133 Duration: Half day Limited availability for 2-10 Guests Tour code: IST-22 Available itineraries: Eclectic Aegean & New Year

Need to know! Mesmerising, bizarre and beautiful all at the same time. Whirling Dervishes are an integral part of Turkish culture. Join us at the Hodjapasha Culture Centre for amazing, traditional, entertainment in a dramatic and mystical setting with complimentary drinks before the hour long show. You will be dazzled and transfixed by the colour and vibrancy of this sacred ritual. It may even move you to tears with its beauty. A very different and unique experience. Whirling Dervishes WHIRLING DERVISHES & DINNER Mevleviye of the Sufi branch of Islam are known for their famous practice of whirling dances and dervishes, spinning faster and faster. The 800-year old Sema Ceremony that has been preserved on UNESCO’s list of Intangible Heritage of Humanity. A question you might ask is, don’t they get dizzy? The answer is they do not. And with their eyes closed, they cross their arms over their chest and bow when they are finished. The bow signifies their return to subservience. After the show dinner is served at Hamdi Restaurant with a spectacular view of Bosphorus and Galata. Hamdi Restaurant Amazing, traditional, entertainment in a dramatic and mystical setting Don’t they get dizzy? 22 ISTANBUL Price: ADULT US$133 Duration: Half day Limited availability for 7-19 Guests Tour code: IST-24 Available itineraries: New Year

PAINTING ON WATER: TURKISH EBRU ART Need to know! This small and personalised workshop for a maximum of just eight participants offers the chance to discover a fascinating artistic technique that dates back to Seljuk and Ottoman times and was used for the production of imperial documents. You will come away with knowledge and skill of something you probably never knew existed and from the very heart of Turkish culture and tradition! Such is its importance, the technique has UNESCO World Heritage Intangible Cultural Heritage status. And it’s also wonderful to enjoy creating a bit of fun art while in Istanbul. Creating designs on an aqueous solution Ebru painting is also known as paper marbling. It involves floating colour and creating designs on an aqueous solution and transferring that design to an absorbent material, such as paper or fabric. The resulting image has a decorative marbled design which has also been used for centuries as a background for calligraphy, book binding, and stationery. Be amazed as a local artist transforms colour pigments, oily water and paper into a mesmerising artwork and then it’s your turn to be artistic and creative. Create your own masterpiece Enjoy creating a bit of fun art while in Istanbul With numbers limited you are able to make the most of one-to-one tuition as you put your new skills into practice and leave with the ultimate souvenir - a beautiful, self-created piece of artwork. The workshop is suitable for all artistic abilities and children are welcome. 23 ISTANBUL CELESTYAL CRUISES CULTURE VULTURE Price: ADULT US$133 Duration: Half day Limited availability for 7-15 Guests Tour code: IST-21 Available itineraries: Eclectic Aegean

Need to know! If you have ever wanted to get into the very heart and soul of Greek culture and civilisation, this is the perfect opportunity. This highly specialist tour gives a fascinating insight into, and a greater understanding of, the history of Greece and how it developed. Pottery has played a huge part in Greek culture since the earliest times. It’s extraordinary beautiful, distinctive, colourful and elaborate and was considered to be a gift worthy of dedication to the Gods. And it represents an important record to help us understand the different periods of Ancient Greek life. There were four major pottery styles in Ancient Greece, red figure and black figure, Corinthian and geometric. MAKING POTTERY FIT FOR THE GODS The ancient Greeks used ceramic vessels in every aspect of their daily lives, for storage, carrying, mixing, serving, and drinking, and as cosmetic and perfume containers. Today pottery plays a big role in the souvenir industry. This tour gives us a fascinating insight into this key aspect of Greek history. Rhodes has long been known is known for its tradition in pottery and ceramics. Records show how clay bricks from Rhodes were used in the construction of the dome of the magnificent Hagia Sofia Byzantine church in Istanbul. We head to the north side of the island enjoying the panoramic views of the sweeping Rhodian countryside. At the Bonis Ceramic Factory we find out about the various techniques adopted in pottery making. After a demonstration from one of the craftsmen, you will be invited to enhance your pottery skills and gain a very good handson understanding of the various techniques in order to help you make your own ceramic item. It will be shipped back to you. After your hard work you will have earned some refreshing ouzo and Greek meze at the factory showroom before we head back to Rhodes Town. This tour has a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 16 guests and lasts four and half hours. Try your hand at pottery Making a mess; marvellous fun! Try out throwing, modelling and discover your artistic side! 24 RHODES Price: ADULT US$133 Duration: Half day Limited availability for 6-16 Guests Tour code: RHO-17 Available itineraries: 3 & 4 Night Iconic Aegean & Idyllic Aegean

MUSIC, MYTHS AND HISTORY Need to know! Pyrgos is our destination, the highest village on Santorini and one of the most beautiful parts of the island. An exquisite picturebook location which looks and feels as though it belongs in another era, a Greece of yesteryear. It’s charming, enchanting and absorbing and here you can live in the moment with the realisation there you are experiencing something very special. Here your soul can really rejoice. The pace of life is peaceful, calm and relaxed, a world away from the what we might know as normal life. The main square with its tall pine trees and delightful coffee shops is the focal and the perfect place to take in the atmosphere. Capture the moment and the feelings and hold on to them on our guided walking tour exploring the traditional Cyladic architecture that gives Santorini island its unique look. Wander through the remains of a Venetian fortress and see the historical 18th century monastery of Profitis Ilias, which is closed to the public but remains home to one solitary monk. Here are the most breathtaking views over the island. We travel to Megalochori, a remarkably preserved village of Cycladic and neoclassical architecture. Stroll through rustic streets and marvel at homes dug into the volcanic rock. Then we head to the Symposion Music and Mythology Cultural Centre for a musical presentation which creates an interactive journey using mythological narration and fifteen hand-crafted wind and string instruments. The tour explores the history and architecture of the former winery and we will enjoy a cup of honey wine. Back at Fira Town there is free time to shop and explore on your own. The cable car ticket is included. 25 SANTORINI CELESTYAL CRUISES CULTURE VULTURE Price: ADULT US$145 | CHILD US$92 Duration: Half day Limited availability for 9-14 Guests Tour code: SAN-16 Available itineraries: 3 & 4 Night Iconic Aegean, Idyllic Aegean & Eclectic Aegean

ADVENTURE You can’t keep an adventurer down. With iconic viewpoints and a fair share of thrills and spills to be had, a little excitement can go a long way in making your Celestyal getaway one to remember. Comfort zone? What comfort zone? The crystal-clear Aegean is not just for a splash, if you’ve got what it takes to get a little physical. Life jacket strapped and paddles in hand, you can embark on the trail of history’s pirates along the coast of Rhodes, dipping from cove to cove atop the glistening turquoise waters. The mystical allure of the Aegean coastline calls for a good hike too, and where better to swap your sandals for walking boots than Milos? Follow the route through the heart and soul of the island before taking a well-earned dip on the famous Sarakiniko beach, or take a geological journey with a local expert to the stunning ancient rock formations. Seeking 26

Swap your sandals for walking boots and enjoy our islands on foot! And if you’ve got a thirst for speed that you just can’t quench, a fourwheeled voyage awaits on Kusadasi, where the thrills of a buggy ride across the open plains is another tale for the scrap book. Push the boundaries or take the plunge. As it has for centuries with guests and locals alike, authentic adventure beneath the Greek sun awaits for you in many forms. 27

Need to know! This is an intriguing journey of discovery where you will be immersed in the geological treasures of Milos. It’s a tour to stimulate the mind, body and soul. Milos emerged from the sea during a volcanic eruption so it is little surprise this southernmost island in the Cyclades is a breathtaking geological wonder as well as one of the most beautiful places on earth. We travel by 4x4 and go where conventional vehicles cannot. We can see, feel and hear the real Milos. You will be awestruck by this experience, based on the Miloterranean Geo Walks, an extensive network of seven stunning paths. A GEOLOGICAL WONDER 4X4 ADVENTURE Our tour includes a short guided visit to the Milos Mining Museum, an outdoor experience, allowing us to learn more about the mining history of the island thanks to a team of cartographers, historians, forestry experts, geologists and mining engineers together with the help of a lecturer from the museum. There’s the chance to see the Obsidian Collection of Zafeiris Vaos. It consists of artifacts made of obsidian, an igneous rock characteristic of Milos and forms a very important chapter in the archaeology of early Aegean toolmaking. Then we will experience the abandoned salt fields, the thermal waters of Kanava (weather permitting), the crater of Fyriplaka and the fumaroles of Kalamos. There’s also the famous sulphur mines and Aggeria, one of the biggest open bentonite mines in the world. This is an exclusive tour with a maximum of four people in each vehicle. And it’s a real sensory experience. You will see, feel and hear the real Milos Milos Mining Museum MILOS 28 Price: ADULT US$145 Duration: Half day Limited availability for 3-12 Guests Tour code: MIL-09 Available itineraries: Idyllic Aegean

TREK TO THE HEART AND SOUL OF MILOS Need to know! This wonderful trek of discovery with an experienced guide takes us along the northern part of the island and one of its most impressive and awe inspiring landscapes. Of all our excursions, this will bring us the closest to the natural environment and you may well feel it to have a real spiritual dimension. Our first stop is the Cave of Papafragas for a chat about its archaeological and geological history. Centuries ago, Papafragas was a base for pirates to hide and is now one of the most visited destinations on the island. Now our hike begins. The coastal path gives us four very different landscapes and is relatively flat making it easy for the average hiker. Part way through there’s a stop for water, fruit and a short break. There is no shade on the trek so everyone is asked to come fully prepared. Our walk is around 6.5km and finishes in Sarakiniko where we will be able to swim in the cove and fully appreciate this unique location. The north winds have shaped the greyish-white volcanic rock into an amazing shape. The dazzling white rocks forming large and small caves in the sea, reflect the sunlight by day and the moonlight at night, creating the impression of a lunar landscape. The breathtaking tour is around five hours, with the trek taking three hours. Discover the lunar landscape of Sarakiniko Rock formations of Sarakiniko Cave of Papafragas MILOS CELESTYAL CRUISES SEEKING ADVENTURE 29 Price: ADULT US$133 Duration: Half day Limited availability for 5-15 Guests Tour code: MIL-14 Available itineraries: Idyllic Aegean

Need to know! From our ship to your kayak. We have an intrinsic fascination with the sea. So what better way to experience to stunning volcanic island of Milos than leisurely paddling our way along part of the spectacular, mesmerising and mysterious southern coastline. It’s hard to think of a way to get closer to nature than this. Here we can get up close and personal with the rich geological wealth of Milos including the breathtaking rock formations, deep sea inlets and caves and turquoise crystal clear waters of the Aegean. The trip with a small group and a qualified guide begins at Fyriplaka heading to Gerakas beach (completely inaccessible from the SEA KAYAKING AND THE MESMERISING MILOS COASTLINE The famous beach of Tsigrado (the one with the ladder) land) with a 40 minute stop for swimming and exploring a small sea cave. Then we paddle back on our sit-on-top kayaks towards the famous beach of Tsigrado (the one with the rope ladder) for a snorkelling stop in a small complex of sea caves. Back at Fyriplaka there is for free time for swimming although this can be omitted to make the tour shorter. Kayaking is said to be one of the best ways to explore the laced outline of the Milos coastline. On reflection, we think it’s the best. Join us on this beautiful, relaxing and peaceful half day trip and you will find it hard to disagree. The mysteries will be unlocked during an unforgettable experience. Fyriplaka Beach Breathtaking rock formations MILOS 30 Special note: Available to guests over the age of 14 years old. Guests must know how to swim. Conditions can influence if children will be accepted on a specific tr ip. Guests must wear their swim suits and have their your towels. Dry bags will be provided to store personal belongings and take with you. Sun protection: Hat, shirts, sunglasses and sun cream are highly recommended. Limitations: - Maximum height 1,95m - Maximum weight 110kg Price: ADULT US$182 Duration: Half day Limited availability for 2-10 Guests Tour code: MIL-11 Available itineraries: Idyllic Aegean

A KAYAK ADVENTURE DISCOVERING PIRATE COVES Need to know! Now this is the way to see Rhodes. From a very different and enthralling perspective. Our Sea Kayak trip is quite an adventure. Enjoy the rock formations and sea caves along the island’s spectacular coastline. Our expert guides know the best routes to the tucked away beaches, the marine life and the beautiful natural sculptures. Our starting point is the beach at Kathara, near Faliraki and just 20 minutes from Rhodes Town, where we meet the guide for a safety briefing and our equipment. The route includes the famous inlet and beach of Anthony Quinn - where the popular wartime epic film of 1961 ‘The Guns of Navarone’ in which he starred was filmed. It also featured Gregory Peck and David Niven. Quinn who was also the star of Zorba the Greek, was so taken with Rhodes, he bought some land nearby. Enjoy panoramic vistas of stunning rock formations before venturing into hidden sea caves along the coast. There’s also the chance to swim or snorkel in the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean. All you need to concentrate on is the spectacular scenery and your paddling technique. It’s a rare opportunity to feel completely at one with the coastline of Rhodes at its most dramatic and thrilling. Anthony Quinn Bay RHODES CELESTYAL CRUISES SEEKING ADVENTURE 31 Special note: Available to guests over the age of 14 years old. Guests must know how to swim. Conditions can influence if children will be accepted on a specific tr ip. Guests must wear their swim suits and have their your towels. Dry bags will be provided to store personal belongings and take with you. Sun protection: Hat, shirts, sunglasses and sun cream are highly recommended. Limitations: - Maximum height 1,95m - Maximum weight 110kg Price: ADULT US$182 Duration: Half day Limited availability for 4-16 Guests Tour code: RHO-18 Available itineraries: 4 Night Iconic Aegean & Idyllic Aegean

Need to know! Is there a more awe-inspiring, captivating place than Oia? Unequivocally no, many would say, and who are we to disagree. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this is beauty personified. After all, it is one of the most photographed places in the world, famed also for its spellbinding sunrises and sunsets. Picture postcard just doesn’t get anywhere near doing it justice. Mere words are not enough. Oia is our ultimate destination on this walking tour, so you will be able to make up your own mind, but without doubt the experience will live long in the memory. We make our way by coach up the hills from Athinios, following the twists and turns of the road, all the while taking in the astonishing landscape. Imerovigli Spectacular Oia HIKING TO THE ULTIMATE BEAUTY OF OIA We pass by the former capital Pyrgos and the vineyards on the slopes. The walking tour along a natural trail begins at Imerovigli. Passing abandoned chapels, the stunning caldera is always in view and on the horizon we can see the islands of Nea Kameni, Palea Kameni and Thirasia Then we reach Oia, high up on the ridge of red rocks and hanging on the caldera. From this panorama of whitewashed houses with colourful rooftops and pretty churches the views across the dazzlingly blue Aegean and the caldera below simply take your breath away. Try some Greek meze and enjoy a little free time to visit the art galleries and antique shops, before our return to port - by coach of course, not on foot! This tour is only suitable for fit persons. Not available in July and August. Pyrgos Oia is our ultimate destination Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this is beauty personified SANTORINI Pyrgos 32 Price: ADULT US$121 Duration: Half day Limited availability for 10-15 Guests Tour code: SAN-17 Available itineraries: Idyllic Aegean & Eclectic Aegean

THRILL OF THE RIDE BUGGY SAFARI Need to know! A visit to Kusadasi is all about Ephesus, correct? Well not quite. A buggy safari may not have been on your agenda but it’s another of our experiential options that is just a little out of the ordinary. Experience the thrill of the ride in an exciting journey over the natural terrain, while absorbing the fascinating and varied landscape. Sit behind the wheel, strap in and feel the wind in your hair as we really go off the beaten track. You will be fully safety briefed, fitted with a helmet and set off with an experienced guide on an easier course. Once you have gained full confidence you’ll head to tougher and more challenging terrain, through forest, marshes, dusty roads, creeks and mud, spotting wildlife on the way and seeing spectacular views of the Aegean. The buggies are comfortable, safe and easy to steer and manoeuvre and all the while your guide is on hand. A stop at a local beach for a swim or a bit of relaxation may also be on the itinerary. All vehicles and routes are inspected weekly to ensure a safe and comfortable trip. It’s an exceptional tour and something very different, but be warned. You might get a bit muddy or dusty or both! But take it from us, it’s worth it. Drive your own off-road buggy, and roar through wild landscapes Spectacular scenery Prepare to get messy! KUSADASI CELESTYAL CRUISES SEEKING ADVENTURE 33 Price: ADULT US$84 | CHILD US$67 Duration: Half day Limited availability for 10-20 Guests Tour code: KUS-10 Available itineraries: Idyllic Aegean

It’s not hard to appreciate the historic significance behind these beautiful islands. But you already know that. Everything you see stems from an unparalleled history of pioneers - the architecture, the culture, the food. Curious minds ARCHAEOLOGY Art and never stop learning, and among the profound and precious ruins of ancient worlds, you’ll find many a story worth retelling. The diverse experiences available on our excursions extend far beyond food, drink and sunshine. Everyone has a different version of their perfect holiday. And whatever yours may be, an afternoon spent drinking in the rich history among stunning ruins will live long in the memory. With every step you take through world-famous sites, the footsteps of those who walked there thousands of years ago will come to life during your own educational odyssey. Archaeology is all about uncovering true culture. And while Turkey has many delights, burrowing deeper into the country’s far-reaching past is an experience designed for the explorer more than the tourist. To really understand the culture that surrounds you, and where Turkey really came from, could mean getting your sandals a little dusty. Cure your curiosity, and roam among the ruins with one of our archaeological excursions. Statue of Arete Cure your curiosity, and roam among the ruins with one of our archaeological excursions 34

Need to know! Sometimes you visit a place and metaphorically rub your eyes because you can’t quite believe you are there. We think Ephesus is one such destination. Every step we take brings us closer to the incredible civilisations of the Hellenes, Romans and Ottomans. Here once stood one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Temple of Artemis. Our visit to Ephesus is the very essence of experiential travel and we are proud to be able to show it to you in the company of an expert archaeologist-guide as we feel, see and touch ancient history. What a magnificent experience to take away and hold onto forever. Ephesus ranks among the world’s most beautiful classical cities. Ephesus ANCIENT CIVILISATIONS WITH AN EXPERT ARCHAEOLOGIST St John and the Virgin Mary visited and here St Paul wrote one of his most celebrated epistles, the Letter to the Ephesians. Beginning at the Magnesium Gate we walk gently and leisurely downhill through Ephesus’ marble streets, passing historicallysignificant sites such as the gymnasium, Temple of Hadrian, Upper Agora and Roman Baths. Opposite Hadrian’s Temple, at the foot of the Bulbul Hill and the covered part of the archaeological site, protected from the heat and natural elements, lie the Houses of Koressus or Terrace Houses. It was here that the wealthy families of Ancient Ephesus lived. These villas are excellently preserved, especially the interior decor. The oldest houses so far unearthed date from the 1st Century BC, were built on two storeys and even had hot and cold and a heating system, clay pipes under the floor. Then we come to the breathtaking Celsus Library, built in 135 B.C. and lavishly decorated with facades, columns and sculptures. The library once housed 12,000 scrolls of papyrus manuscripts, making it one of the largest in the ancient world. A short walk away is the spectacular Greek Theatre, able to seat 24,000. From here St. Paul preached to the populace, imploring them to give up their worship of Artemis and embrace the Christian faith. Only foundations and fragments of the magnificent Temple of Artemis remain at Ephesus but just being at the site of one of the Seven Wonders is something special. What a magnificent experience to take away and hold onto forever CELESTYAL CRUISES ART AND ARCHAEOLOGY KUSADASI 35 Price: ADULT US$109 | CHILD US$79 Duration: Half day Limited availability for 10-20 Guests Tour code: KUS-11 Available itineraries: 3 & 4 Night Iconic Aegean, Idyllic Aegean & Eclectic Aegean