Celestyal Cruises 2023/2024 Brochure - English - GBP

KOS Rugged white cliffs soar towards the sky, crystal beaches magically appear and lush green landscapes stretch as far as the eye can see - Kos island is a beauty to behold. Once you step foot on its shores, you’ll discover a bounty of ancient monuments, pristine beaches and rustic mountain villages. Kos town’s picturesque harbour and magical atmosphere will have you hooked from the very beginning. You’ll stumble upon countless ancient relics that now blend into modern life and a rich picking of tavernas, monuments and museums. Seek out the medieval Knight’s Castle for a tranquil explore of the island’s past. 03 DAY 69 VOYAGE HIGHLIGHTS • Full day in Kos and Mykonos • An evening on Mykonos’ cobbled streets • Historic Chios, the birthplace of Homer MYKONOS The island, according to Greek mythology, was formed by the bodies of giants slain by Hercules. The most recognisable site on Mykonos is the row of immaculate picture postcard white windmills overlooking the water. Every visitor takes that picture. The Old Town has many delightful cafes and tavernas along its winding alleys and time will pass very quickly in these lovely, relaxing surroundings. ATHENS We return to the capital in the morning after an exciting journey of discovery. 04 DAY 05 DAY For reservations visit celestyal.com or visit your local travel consultant.