Celestyal Cruises 2023/2024 Brochure - English - USD

Legendary aegean 5 night Inclusive adventure onboard Celestyal Journey ATHENS We leave the historic and classical capital of Greece and set sail on our overnight voyage to Santorini. Your first night will give you the opportunity to relax, indulge in our Inclusive hospitality and anticipate the adventures ahead on your very own voyage of discovery. SANTORINI We arrive in Santorini, whose stunning face is instantly recognisable across the world. We’re sure she will take your breath away, with her soaring landscapes, clusters of whitewashed houses in the capital Fira, and of course the iconic blue-domed church at Oia. Don’t forget to try one of the many restaurants jostling for position at the edge of the caldera. RHODES Lose yourself in the maze of atmospheric cobbled streets of the Old Town (a World Heritage Site) in what will transport you back to the Byzantine Empire. Be sure to wander through the Knights Quarter and the Palace of the Grand Master. Indeed Rhodes is also known as the Island of the Knights. Our itinerary allows us a whole day here which gives plenty of opportunity to discover the clear waters, wonderful beaches and lush wooded valleys. 01 DAY A journey that intertwines historic adventure and a truly immersive urban exploration. Discover Athens’ historic neighbourhood, the Plaka, where cobbled streets meet pastel walls, before wandering to the home of the first ever Olympic Games. In Istanbul, embrace the cultural cornerstones of the colorful Grand Bazaar and Golden Horn of the Bosphorus. Plus, roam the iconic whitewashed streets of Santorini, and the caves and waterfalls of Samos that were once home to Pythagoras himself. 02 DAY 03 DAY 72 VOYAGE HIGHLIGHTS • Full day in Santorini and Rhodes • Overnight in vibrant Istanbul • Immaculate Samos scenery your