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Short or no walking involved. Easy walking: General walking over an even surface. Moderate walking: Moderate amount of physical activity such as walking over uneven surfaces and climbing stairs. Might not be recommended for guests with walking difficulties. Hard walking: High amount of physical activity for extended periods of time. Recommended only for sporting guests with good physical health. Includes visits to religious sites, knees and shoulders must be covered. It is recommended to bring your swimming suit and a towel. Shopping with an experienced guide. Meal included on this excursion. Refreshments included on this excursion. Please be advised it is recommended that you take a bottle of water for your journey. Panoramic, nature, landscapes. Cultural experience: This tour will feature art, architecture, history and religion. Folklore: We focus on local habits, traditions, food and tasting. Adventure and fun. Suitable for families travelling with children. GUIDE TO SYMBOLS Pre book and cancellation period is up to two weeks prior to embarkation date. Our Authentic excursions require a minimum participation, noted on each excursion page. Half day - up to 5 hours Full day - 6 hours and above All timings and order of visits are subject to change depending on traffic congestion of the sites and weather conditions. Operation of tours may be subject to the time of the year - please check at time of booking. Normal excursions require a minimum participation as per terms and conditions. Please be aware of the dress code in order to enter the monasteries; legs and shoulders should be covered, no shorts, long skirts (below the knee). Terms and conditions are available at: www.celestyalcruises.com/shorex-conditions AUTHENTIC ENCOUNTERS EXPERIENCES JUST FOR YOU AND A FEW WHY BOOK A CELESTYAL EXCURSION Although we say it ourselves, the destinations we visit on a Celestyal cruise are rather special. In fact call us biased but we think they are among the most exciting, historic, iconic and evocative in the world. And they lend themselves to incredible tales, some true, some fable but all an integral part of our fascinating storytelling. You can immerse yourself in ancient civilisations, follow in the footsteps of great figures from history, live and breathe the myths and legends of Ancient Greece and the Mediterranean and journey to places where some of the Seven Wonders of the World once stood - and to the one that’s still very much here. We like to feel that we are taking you on your very own Greek Odyssey across the Aegean, the Mediterranean and beyond to the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Our specially designed excursions are central to your Celestyal experience with our expert guides taking you step by step through your voyage and really bringing history alive. Sometimes in the world of history it’s not easy to work out where facts end and legends begin. So please fire up your imagination and join us to find out. We really mean it when we say ‘every moment is a destination’ and ‘every destination is a wonder’. 04 Istanbul 14 Kavala 20 Thessaloniki 26 Volos 34 Santorini 44 Athens CONTENTS

15% discount package includes: EXCURSION PACKAGES Find your inner explorer and indulge yourself with our discounted excursion packages. If you embark from another port please contact us for your available packages. ✔ Discover the hidden secrets of Sultanahmet Square (IST-13) ✔ Kavala up Close: walk through the ages (KAV-06) ✔ Panoramic Thessaloniki (THS-06) ✔ Spectacular Oia Village perched on the Caldera rim (SAN-01) 10% discount package includes: ✔ Discover the hidden secrets of Sultanahmet Square (IST-13) ✔ Panoramic Thessaloniki (THS-06) ✔ Spectacular Oia Village perched on the Caldera rim (SAN-01) Package price ADULT €226, CHILD €160 (includes 15% off) INCLUSIVE fare: ADULT €151, CHILD €85 ENHANCE fare: ADULT €76, CHILD €10 Prices are per person with your discount applied Package price ADULT €205, CHILD €148 (includes 10% off) INCLUSIVE fare: ADULT €130, CHILD €73 ENHANCE fare: ADULT €55, CHILD -€2 Prices are per person with your discount applied. A minus figure will be credited towards your next excursion.


5 Duration: Full day Tour code: IST - 03 There is no place on earth like Istanbul and our nine hour excursion will immerse you in this vibrant, colourful and fascinating city straddling the Bosphorus, at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Many empires have held sway in the place once called Constantinople including the Greeks, Romans, Venetians and the Ottomans. The historic heart of old Istanbul is the Sultanahmet district where we will find remnants of the Byzantine Hippodrome where horse and chariot racing once drew crowds of 100,000 or more. Nearby is the Kaiser’s German fountain, the bronze Serpent Column of Delphi, the Egyptian Obelisk and the Walled Obelisk of Constantine VII. Recognised across the globe is the Mosque of Sultan Ahmet, perhaps more popularly known as the Blue Mosque because of the stunning hand painted blue tiles inside. It also has six minarets. Whether you are inside or outside it is well worth taking a few minutes just to gaze and let the amazing beauty sink in. The grave of Sultan Ahmet lies inside the mosque. Across the square sits the imposing Church of the Holy Wisdom of God or Hagia Sophia, once a church, then an Ottoman imperial mosque, a museum and now back to a mosque. It is considered the epitome of Byzantine architecture. OTTOMAN EMPIRE AND BYZANTINE LEGACY TOUR After lunch we will visit the incomparable Topkapi Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If all this still leaves you with a thirst for more discovery you can do no better than explore the sights, sounds and colours of Istanbul’s incredible Grand Bazaar, with 4000 shops and stalls, 58 streets under one roof, 400,000 visitors daily and millions of things for sale. Not least carpets, rugs, jewellery and leather. This excursion will give a taste of Istanbul you are unlikely to forget. A gentle walking tour is available for this itinerary - please contact us for more information. Hagia Sophia Istanbul - Topkapi Palace ISTANBUL EXCURSIONS CHILD €84 ADULT €129

6 Duration: Half day Tour code: IST - 04 The mighty Bosphorus, like Istanbul itself, belongs to two continents. It flows between Europe and Asia and connects the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara. The two parts of Istanbul are linked by the Galata Bridge and the Ataturk Bridge, named after the father of modern Turkey. There are many vantage points for experiencing a wonderful Istanbul perspective and the water is most definitely one of them. Our excursion features a private tender boat gliding along the busy Bosphorus (which comes from a Thracian word meaning ‘passage of the cow’) the Occident to one side and the Orient on the other. There is plenty to see on land and on the sea. We pass the palaces of Dolmabahce and Cirgan. Our excursion finishes with a distinct change of pace. After the calm of a river journey we head for the hustle and bustle of the spice market, one of the oldest and largest covered markets in the world. BOSPHORUS CRUISE AND THE SPICE MARKET Beyleybeyi Palace Bosporus Cruise Spice Market ISTANBUL EXCURSIONS CHILD €59 ADULT €75

Duration: Half day Tour code: IST - 13 The Blue Mosque is known the world over and is arguably the most iconic site in Istanbul (and there are many jostling for that accolade.) The stunning hand painted blue tiles adorning the interior lend it the name. But it is officially the Mosque of Sultan Ahmet, built on the orders of the 20-year-old Sultan Ahmet 1. His final resting place is inside. The Blue Mosque is not the only treasure in the Sultanahmet district. We cross the square to the Church of St Sophia - the Hagia Sophia. This is the enduring symbol of Constantinople, the historical name for Istanbul. The Byzantine Church of the Holy Wisdom of God was the Orthodox cathedral of Constantinople. After the Ottoman conquest, the church became a mosque, then a museum in 1934 and has currently been turned back in to a mosque. From here we discover hidden Istanbul as we enter a whole new world beneath the city. The Cistern of Philoxenos or the ‘Sunken Palace’, the water reservoir of Emperor Justinian was constructed in 535AD. There are 338 Doric, Ionian and Corinthian columns of marble, some 30 feet high. At the end of the chamber we will find two carved column bases featuring the head of Medusa, the winged creature of mythology with venomous snakes in place of hair. 7 Above ground and below it, this is a fascinating glimpse into the past of a great city. A gentle walking tour is available for this itinerary - please contact us for more information. DISCOVER THE HIDDEN SECRETS OF SULTAN AHMET SQUARE The Cistern of Philoxenos Head of Medusa The Blue Mosque ISTANBUL EXCURSIONS CHILD €59 ADULT €79

8 Duration: Half day Tour code: IST - 16 No visit to the incomparable city of Istanbul can be really complete without a visit to the Turkish baths. These are an integral part of Istanbul life as they have been for centuries. Situated between Constantine 1st’s Vezirhan monument and the Köprülü Mahmud Pasa mosque, school and tombs, Cemberlitas Hamami is definitely worth experiencing. Faithfully restored, the Hammam was originally built in 1584 for Nurbanu Sultan. As you walk through the arches you get a real sense of the historical importance. Traditionally, Turkish baths follow a three-step process, including a sauna and steam, a full body wash and finally a massage. This opens up all your pores, increases your blood circulation and removes all dead cells. The result is invigorating. There are separate female and male sections in traditional hammams. TURKISH BATHS Traditional Turkish Hammam ISTANBUL EXCURSIONS CHILD €59 ADULT €84

Duration: Half day Tour code: IST - 17 Sampling the delicious and diverse street food of Istanbul is another experience not to be missed. The Turkish phrase for Bon Appetit (Afiyet Olsun) may become a battle cry as you catch the public ferry for a ride across the Bosphorus to the Asian side of Istanbul. First stop is the colourful and chaotic Kadikoy Market. Crammed with all manner of culinary delights - from olives to bread to stuffed grape leaves - the market is bursting with fishmongers, fruit sellers, butchers and gourmet food shops. Lamb-topped Turkish pizza, sugar-coated sweets and kebabs are all musts. You can then stroll across the low-lying and much photographed Galata Bridge where fishermen have been pulling in the daily catch for generations. The bridge is also home to countless stalls selling everything from jewellery to simits (Turkish bagels). As you cross to the other side, you’ll find yourself in the Beyoglu district and the famous Karakoy Gulluoglu, purveyor of the best baklava in Istanbul. Famous the world over, this Turkish pastry is made from several layers of filo dough filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with honey. The walk continues up the hill to Galatasaray, a neighbourhood that is home to one of Turkey’s most famous football teams of the same 9 name. And if you need a rest, you can hop on the tram on Istiklal Caddesi, the city’s grand bustling boulevard lined with shops and restaurants, as well as famous landmarks. A TASTE OF ISTANBUL: STREET FOOD TOUR Kadikoy Market Kadikoy Market Kadikoy Market ISTANBUL EXCURSIONS CHILD €59 ADULT €79

Duration: Half day - LIMITED AVAILABILITY Tour code: IST - 21 This small and personalised workshop for a maximum of just eight participants offers the chance to discover a fascinating artistic technique that dates back to Seljuk and Ottoman times and was used for the production of imperial documents. You will come away with knowledge and skill of something you probably never knew existed and from the very heart of Turkish culture and tradition! Such is its importance, the technique has UNESCO World Heritage Intangible Cultural Heritage status. And it’s also a wonderful to enjoy creating a bit of fun art while in Istanbul. Ebru painting is also known as paper marbling. It involves floating colour and creating designs on an aqueous solution and transferring that design to an absorbent material, such as paper or fabric. The resulting image has a decorative marbled design which has also been used for centuries as a background for calligraphy, book binding, and stationery. Be amazed as a local artist transforms colour pigments, oily water and paper into a mesmerising artwork and then it’s your turn to be artistic and creative. With numbers limited you are able to make the most of one-to-one tuition as you put your new skills into practice and leave with the ultimate souvenir - a beautiful, self-created piece of artwork. The workshop is suitable for all artistic abilities and children are welcome. PAINTING ON WATER: TURKISH EBRU ART Creating designs on an aqueous solution 10 ISTANBUL EXCURSIONS AUTHENTIC ENCOUNTERS EXPERIENCES JUST FOR YOU AND A FEW - FOR 7-15 GUESTS ADULT €99

Duration: Half day - LIMITED AVAILABILITY Tour code: IST - 22 What could be more Turkish than a reinvigorating Turkish Bath? Or to more precise, a Turkish Bath, haircut, shave and a shoe shine. So if you would like to make yourself at home and immerse yourself completely in the local culture, join us at Cemberlitas Hamami, an historic Turkish Bath. This is a unforgettable experience, huge part of Turkish culture. It’s located between Constantine 1st’s Vezirhan monument and the Köprülü Mahmud Pasa mosque, school and tombs. The Hamam has been faithfully restored and was originally built in 1584 for Nurbanu Sultan, the head of Istanbul’s imperial harem. As you walk through the impressive arches you can certainly feel the weight of historical significance in a city that’s more than just a city, it’s a global story too. Turkish baths follow a three-step process featuring a sauna and steam, a full body wash and a massage. This opens up all your pores, increases your blood circulation and removes all dead cells. It’s good for stress, tension and blood pressure. The result is absolutely invigorating. After the Turkish Bath experience there’s a haircut and shave Turkish style. The tradition of the Turkish shave dates far back. The Turkish Barber is not only a place to have a shave or haircut but almost a social event Join us for this ritual of Turkish culture. You won’t forget it. GENTS ANATOLIAN WELL-BEING (BERBER AND HAMMAM) AUTHENTIC ENCOUNTERS EXPERIENCES JUST FOR YOU AND A FEW - FOR 2-10 GUESTS 11 ISTANBUL EXCURSIONS ADULT €109

Duration: Half day - LIMITED AVAILABILITY Tour code: IST - 23 ‘We don’t make dessert, we make baklava,’ says Nadir Gullu, the master baklavaci of Istanbul. For an authentic experience of something as Turkish as Turkish Delight or the Ottoman Empire, why not come and spend a few hours in the company of this icon of Istanbul and learn all about mouthwatering baklava, the Sultan of Meals. Turkish Baklava, also known as Fistikli Baklava or Pistachio Baklava is a deliciously rich, buttery, sweet dessert made from phyllo dough, finely ground pistachios, butter, and a syrup made from sugar, water and lemon juice. The family business was set up in 1820 and Nadir’s father moved to Istanbul in 1949. You’ll be able to tour the five storey factory across the water from Topkapi Palace and watch a demonstration of the baklava-making process by the master himself, as well as trying your hand at production. There will be all sorts of pastries and assorted desserts to sample for lunch consisting of pistachio and walnut baklava and kadayif, served with tea and lemonade. Each guest receives a slice of baklava in a box with the flag of their own country on top. Before visiting the shop, pause to have a group photograph with the great baklavaci before saying farewell. Nadir Gullu has prepared his unique baklava for kings and world leaders and will do so for you. An extraordinarily delicious taste of Istanbul, rooted deep in Ottoman tradition. TURKISH BAKLAVA MAKING Nadir Güllü 12 ISTANBUL EXCURSIONS AUTHENTIC ENCOUNTERS EXPERIENCES JUST FOR YOU AND A FEW - FOR 10-15 GUESTS ADULT €139

Duration: Half day - LIMITED AVAILABILITY Tour code: IST - 24 Mesmerising, bizarre and beautiful all at the same time. Whirling Dervishes are an integral part of Turkish culture. Join us at the Hodjapasha Culture Centre for amazing, traditional, entertainment in a dramatic and mystical setting with complimentary drinks before the hour long show. You will be dazzled and transfixed by the colour and vibrancy of this sacred ritual. It may even move you to tears with its beauty. A very different and unique experience. Mevleviye of the Sufi branch of Islam are known for their famous practice of whirling dances and dervishes, spinning faster and faster. The 800-year old Sema Ceremony that has been preserved on UNESCO’s list of Intangible Heritage of Humanity. A question you might ask is, don’t they get dizzy? The answer is they do not. And with their eyes closed, they cross their arms over their chest and bow when they are finished. The bow signifies their return to subservience. After the show dinner is served at Hamdi Restaurant with a spectacular view of Bosphorus and Galata. WHIRLING DERVISHES & DINNER Hamdi Restaurant Whirling Dervishes AUTHENTIC ENCOUNTERS EXPERIENCES JUST FOR YOU AND A FEW - FOR 7-19 GUESTS 13 ISTANBUL EXCURSIONS ADULT €109


15 Duration: Half day Tour code: KAV - 02 As you get to know Xanthi, you’ll quickly understand why locals call it the city of the thousand colours. Having been destroyed, rebuilt and expanded time and again, due to raids, civil war and earthquakes, to say Xanthi is rich in diversity would be an understatement. In the Old Town, no two houses are the same. And as you listen to stories of Thracians and Ottomans, you’ll see their lingering influence in the architecture around you. Then on the outskirts of town, time skips forward to the late industrial age. Tobacco trading helped Xanthi bloom in the late 19th Century, and the tobacco warehouses here tell a vivid story of the path to prosperous times. Other highlights unique to Xanthi include the Foundation of Thracian Art and Tradition, the Castle of Xantheia, and the home of Greek composer Hadjidakis. Crossing the abundant Nestos On our way to Xanthi, we’ll stop to marvel at the Nestos River, the ecological pride of North Eastern Greece. We cross at the boundary between the Kavala and Xanthi prefectures, where tree-lined banks and cliffsides teem with life. Pausing our journey to take it all in, this is the ideal place to share a restorative moment with nature or take a few scenic selfies. NESTOS RIVER AND THE COLOURS OF XANTHI Xanthi Xanthi KAVALA EXCURSIONS CHILD €59 ADULT €75

16 Duration: Half day Tour code: KAV - 05 Overlooking the bay and coastal plain of Kavala is the hilltop town of Philippi, a significant site for the success of growing empires. It was here that King Philip II of Macedon celebrated success in the neighbouring gold mines, renaming the conquered settlement after himself. It was here too that Rome truly became an empire, when Julius Caesar’s Republican assassins made their final stand – a staggering defeat – against Mark Antony and Octavian Caesar. As we discover the archaeological city on your guided tour, you meander through the ruins of a wellpreserved Roman forum, early Christian basilicas, and the Theater. We also get a taste of everyday ancient life in the form of public baths, latrines and gymnasiums. Apostle Paul’s journey brought him to Philippi during his first mission, and your guide is a fountain of knowledge on the subject. They’ll show you where he preached, where he spent time in jail, and after a short coach ride to St. Lydia’s Baptistery, where he is said to have performed the first European conversion. Guests often tell us they can still feel the holy aura of the site today, thousands of years later. Free time to explore Kavala On our return to Kavala, we may have time for you to break off on your own to wander, shop or eat like a local. Follow your senses on a stroll along the promenade or follow your stomach to enjoy a local snack and glass of ouzo. This bayside city on the slopes of Mount Symvolo is a sight to behold. NEAPOLIS AND PHILIPPI ?????????? KAVALA EXCURSIONS Philippi Philippi CHILD €59 ADULT €75

Duration: Half day Tour code: KAV - 06 Neapolis, then Christoupolis, now Kavala. Over the centuries, this bayside city on the slopes of Mount Symvolo has gone by many names… Accompanied by a local expert whose passion for the city is infectious, you’ll hear stories of how this modern metropolis was always destined for greatness. The earth, laced with gold and silver, first attracted settlers from Thasos, and later Alexander the Great’s father, Philip II of Macedon. The Romans built their Via Egnatia road through the city, the Byzantine’s built fortifications, the Ottomans spent 500 years adding their own touches, and now it’s your turn to take to the streets. Our tour will mostly take place in the lower level of the city, without heavy hiking to the peaks. From here, we’ll have fantastic views of the Byzantine castle that sits atop the city, while exploring all the wonders at sea level. Marvel at the two-story aqueduct built by the Turks. Explore the Archaeological Museum and Tobacco Museum which trace civilisation in the area through to modernity. And get a taste of life for everyone from local fisherman at the old port to the founder of the Egyptian empire at Mehmet Ali’s birthplace. 17 Wander, shop or eat like a local Your morning in Kavala doesn’t have to end when you say goodbye to your guide. You have some free time before you need to return to the ship, so follow your senses on a stroll along the promenade or follow your stomach to enjoy a local snack and glass of ouzo. Your guide will be happy to give you suggestions. KAVALA UP CLOSE: WALK THROUGH THE AGES Kavala KAVALA EXCURSIONS Kavala CHILD €24 ADULT €39

18 Duration: Half day Tour code: KAV - 07 “The relationship between vine and man is dynamic, evolving over time,” say the winemakers at the 300acre Oenogenesis winery. “That’s why every year our cultivation techniques are enriched. Only love, care and respect for man remain fixed values.” Our half-day tour takes us from the ruins of Philippi, to the site of the first European baptism, to the vineyards of Drama, tracing the evolution of a region and the civilisations which called it home. We begin in Philippi, where King Philip II of Macedon celebrated success in the neighbouring gold mines, and where Rome truly became an empire after wiping out the last of the Republicans. From here it’s a short drive to St. Lydia’s Baptistery, where we follow the footsteps of Paul the Apostle. Then for the rest of our morning we uncover the secrets that go into your favourite Greek bouquets, including Asyrtiko, Xinomavro and Moschato. Naturally, there will be samples, along with cold cuts, cheese and sommelier stories. Free time to explore Kavala On our return to Kavala, we may have time for you to break off on your own to wander, shop or eat like a local. Follow your senses on a stroll along the promenade or follow your stomach to enjoy a local snack and glass of ouzo. This bayside city on the slopes of Mount Symvolo is a sight to behold. GREEK WINE AND HOLY WATER: PHILIPPI AND BEYOND St. Lydia’s Baptistery Philippi KAVALA EXCURSIONS CHILD €59 ADULT €84



21 Duration: Half day Tour code: THS - 06 Thessaloniki is the second city of Greece and the capital of Macedonia. It has a fascinating and colourful history with evidence of Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman remains and it was the richest city in the Byzantine Empire. It is a glorious blend of beauty, history, and culture, framed by vast and stunning sea views and is considered to be Greece’s cultural capital. Our panoramic tour begins along the waterfront boulevard to Aristotelous Square, named for Macedonia’s leading philosopher Aristotle. We will see Thessaloniki’s most famous sight, the White Tower, part of the lower city’s original fortification which has also served as a prison. We hear the fascinating narrative by our guide as we take in many of the city’s highlights including, the Gallerius Arch, the Rotunda, and numerous neoClassical buildings. We visit the 5th century St. Demetrius’ Cathedral as well and stop up to the Upper Town for sweeping views of the city with Mount Olympus and the Thermaic Gulf in the background. Aristotelous Square The White Tower PANORAMIC THESSALONÍKI The Arch of Galerius THESSALONIKI EXCURSIONS CHILD €46 ADULT €69

Duration: Half day Tour code: THS - 02 This a fascinating half day, step back time. Vergina was the first ancient capital of the Greek Kingdom of Macedonia and we have the privilege of visiting the Royal Tombs. The most important tomb is that of Philip II, the father of Alexander the Great. We will be accompanied into the museum by our guide to look at some of King Philip’s most important possessions, including the king’s shield and goldtrimmed breast plate. Legend has it that the golden chest containing the king’s bones was washed with wine and wrapped in purple cloth. We will find out how this was unearthed before being able to discover it for ourselves. Also on display are gold diadems of unparalleled artistry, lavish wall paintings and a golden wreath of oak leaves. This is also the site of an extensive royal palace and one of the most important museums in Greece. The area was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status as “an exceptional testimony to a significant development in European civilisation.” THE ROYAL TOMBS OF VERGINA The Golden Chest 22 THESSALONIKI EXCURSIONS The Royal Tomb King Philip II tomb CHILD €59 ADULT €79

Duration: Full day Tour code: THS - 04 This is a remarkable, historic, full-day excursion combining the glories of Pella with those of Vergina, and it includes lunch overlooking the stunning Aliakmon Valley. We begin with a 45-minute drive by air-conditioned motor coach to Pella, the birthplace of Alexander the Great and the second capital of ancient Macedonia. Alexander, Emperor in the 4th Century BC, was undefeated in battle and is widely considered one of history’s most successful military commanders. For 250 years Pella was the cultural centre of the Ancient Greek world and as the seat of the royal family, enjoyed its greatest prosperity during the reign of Alexander. Archaeological excavations have uncovered public buildings and luxurious private homes with intricate marble-floor mosaics along with a plethora of delicate clay figurines and vases. Our next stop is Vergina, where we visit the tomb of King Philip II of Macedonia. Dating from 335 BC, the bones of the king are covered with a golden wreath of oak leaves. Also here are the king’s iron helmet and a cache of weapons. As well as King Philip’s tomb and personal effects, we will see well-preserved examples of large-scale classical painting and numerous carved, painted steles of ordinary citizens. We have an hour’s drive by coach back to the ship. Pella’s mosaics Painted gravestones inside the Royal Tomb LAND OF ALEXANDER THE GREAT Ancient Pella 23 THESSALONIKI EXCURSIONS CHILD €84 ADULT €119

Duration: Half day - LIMITED AVAILABILITY Tour code: THS - 09 This is what we might call a full bodied tour to the slopes of Epanomi Hills, a short distance from the city of Thessaloniki. More than any other type of alcohol, wine has the uncanny ability to stimulate your senses and bring the greatest pleasure to your taste buds as well as sight and smell. A good wine can have magical qualities which is why people talk about it in the way they do. So for wine lovers, our trip to Ktima Gerovasilliou will be an unforgettable and fully sensual experience. This is one of the most reputed wine companies in Greece having been in business for more than 40 years. We are led by a knowledgeable wine-guide who will share their passion and show us the meticulously tended 71-hectare vineyard, wine production, bottling, ageing areas and the wine museum. You can choose the labels you wish to taste or opt for one of the specially designed wine experiences. Among the international names, the grapes used include Chardonnay, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah and Merlot. The local white wine includes Malagaousia and Assyrtiko and the reds Limnio, Mavroudi and Mavrotragano. All have a rich history. Current and rare past vintages, tasty combinations and the magnificent view of the imposing vineyard are at the heart of your visit to Ktima Gerovassiliou. RICH HISTORY OF A FAMOUS GREEK WINERY - FOR 10-15 GUESTS AUTHENTIC ENCOUNTERS EXPERIENCES JUST FOR YOU AND A FEW 24 THESSALONIKI EXCURSIONS ADULT €139

Duration: Half day - LIMITED AVAILABILITY Tour code: THS - 10 Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, tastes, aromas and culture of historic Thessaloniki in an all round, sensory experience. This is what travel and discovery are all about. Not just a superficial passing through, but something that offers a much deeper understanding of your destination, creating vivid memories that will stay with you. You will see, feel, hear, taste and smell Thessaloniki. This a remarkable city that is easy to fall in love with, the home of fine food, rich history and stunning coastlines. It has Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman influences. Soak up the atmosphere around the historic centre, see how the past and present fuse together, enjoy the places where locals go, try some of the local delicacies and learn how they fit into Thessaloniki’s culture. The starting point is a walk along the seafront Promenade to Aristotelous Square, the largest and most central square of the city. There is the famous landmark of Thessaloniki, the White Tower, built by the Ottomans in the 15th century to defend the eastern end of the city’s sea walls. We’ll walk to Navarinou Square, to see the ruins of a palace, part of Caesar Galerius’ Royal Complex of buildings, the Arch of Galerius and Rotunda. The nearby St. Sophia Church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As the history unfolds before our eyes so we sample local specialities in various establishments as we go. We will walk through to the old olive oil market, today known as Ladadika. The area is a gem, full of life day and night with everything from luxurious restaurants to typical Greek taverns. This is the perfect taste of intriguing Thessaloniki. THESSALONIKI FOOD ON FOOT Aristotelous Square Thessaloniki Koulouri - FOR 9-18 GUESTS AUTHENTIC ENCOUNTERS EXPERIENCES JUST FOR YOU AND A FEW 25 THESSALONIKI EXCURSIONS ADULT €129


Duration: Full day Tour code: VOL - 02 Without question this is one of our most spectacular excursions to a place that almost seems an impossibility and defies logic. We guarantee this will take your breath away. Meteora near Kalambaka in Central Greece is a complex of steep and high ancient rock pillars, sweeping 400 metres into the sky and with famous Eastern Orthodox monasteries perched at their summit. There are six of the original monasteries still open to visitors including the Monastery of the Holy Trinity. They have been listed as a World Heritage Site since 1988 and if you need a reference point from popular culture, the climax of the James Bond movie For Your Eyes Only was filmed here. It was also used as a backdrop in Game of Thrones, but digitally mastered as it could not be officially used on location because of its protected status. Meteora literally means ‘suspended in the air.’ The monastic complex is the second most important in Greece after Mt Athos. The monasteries have been restored and are decorated with exquisite frescoes. As well as the Holy Trinity there are the Monasteries of Roussanou, Varlaam and Anapausas, the Convent of Stephen and the Monastery of the Transfiguration of Jesus, known also as the Great Meteoron. And unlike 007 you will not need grappling hooks to reach the summit on your trip. Just take the steps. THE SPECTACULAR ROCKS & THE ‘HANGING’ MONASTERIES View from the Varlaam monastery Monastery of Roussanou 27 VOLOS EXCURSIONS CHILD €69 ADULT €99

Duration: Half day Tour code: VOL - 01 We will have the opportunity to travel through the ages, both to the prehistoric times, but also to the tradition and culture of Volos and Pelion. The sense of mystery engendered by the mountain’s impenetrable forests has given rise to many legends. It was said by the ancients that during the battle between the gods and the giants, the latter tried to challenge Olympus by piling Pelion in Ossa. Mount Pelion was also the remote home of Chiron, the wisest of the centaurs, who played an important role in the Greek fables. Moreover, Pelion was the mountain that the Gods held their weddings and beauty contests. We will drive up to one of the most interesting villages in Pelion, Makrinitsa at an altitude of 700m. We shall leave the coach in the square at the entrance to the village and take a stroll through the narrow streets among the splendid old houses. Owing to the abundant water resources, they are also scattered; many are built in the traditional style with jutting upper storey’s, supported on wooden sorbels, and slate roofs, with overhanging saves. The main square (platia) is especially attractive due to its fountain, plane trees and tiny church (13th c.). There will be plenty of time for those wishing to stroll along the cobble paths of the village, visit the museum of culture and tradition, or just have coffee at the square of the village, gazing at Volos and the Gulf. VOLOS & MT. PELION Makrinitsa Balcony of Mt. Pelion VOLOS EXCURSIONS 28 CHILD €59 ADULT €75

ADULT £56 Duration: Half day Tour code: VOL - 05 This is quite something of a gastronomic outing. The locals might be a little unhappy if a visitor tried the ‘tripouradiko’ atmosphere (a very particular Volos taverna experience) and did not enjoy the ritual of tasting of the alcoholic drink tsipouro accompanied by a rather special seafood meze including octopus and lobster. The history of this tradition in Volos dates back to the 1920s when a few cafes and shops served tsipouro for the first time. The famous 25ari is a bottle of tsipouro equivalent to a small glass and each bottle consumed required the accompaniment of a different snack. Each customer orders a 25ari until he or she can’t take any more! (For those not familiar with it, tsipouro is a quintessential Greek spirit on a par with ouzo. Grapes left over from wine pressing are distilled. And it’s rather potent at 45 per cent proof.) And this ritual remains to this day. It is a tradition apparently brought from Asia Minor by Greek refugees. Join us and discover this rather unique experience. It’s a real piece of Volos tradition - or indeed a swig of it! DRINK AND EAT LIKE A LOCAL Tsipouro Tsipouro served with grilled octopus 29 VOLOS EXCURSIONS €64

Duration: Half day Tour code: VOL - 04 If you like narrow-gauge railways (and even if you don’t) you will almost certainly love this special trip. Following a quarter of a century of inactivity, Moutzouris, Pelion’s quaint train is set to meander once again around the region’s gorgeous mountainside after renovation and restoration. Our departure point is Ano Lehonia and our destination is the wonderful village of Milies. Travelling along a stunning route at a stately speed of 25km/h, we’ll have the chance to enjoy a panoramic view of the sea, along with the famous five-arched and iron bridges, both built by de Chirico. In Milies, we will have enough time to visit the church of Pammeggiston Taxiarchon, a unique stone structure featuring a handmade temple, centuries-old icons and a zodiac cycle at the entrance. At the conclusion of our village tour we will board the bus for our return to Volos and our ship. The sequencing of the excursion may change. LEGENDARY MOUTZOURIS (MOUNTAIN TRAIN RIDE) Moutzouris Moutzouris 30 VOLOS EXCURSIONS SOLD ONLY ON BOARD

Duration: Half day - LIMITED AVAILABILITY Tour code: VOL - 06 The mountainous Pelion peninsula is breathtaking but still relatively untouched by mass tourism. Not forgotten exactly, just not crowded. Rocky, exposed landscapes make way for lush pine woods, fruit orchards and olive groves. The beaches are said to be the finest in all Greece. Homer described this as the land of quivering foliage. And with good reason. It is a rich natural larder and local cuisine also reflects the peninsula’s many foreign influences. But whatever the dish, local, fresh and seasonal ingredients are guaranteed. It’s here we learn secrets of Pelion cuisine. Our hosts will show us all the little tricks that Greek cooking has to offer with recipes often handed down through the generation. In a beautiful region like this, it’s an even more memorable and intriguing experience. So what’s on the menu? First a welcome with a cup of hot mountain tea or homemade sour cherry juice. Then a lesson on how to cook traditional meatballs in tomato sauce. Kneading the meatballs, prepare fresh tomato sauce and serving it with local pasta. This is followed by batzina, an original zucchini pie from Thessaly, traditional refreshing aromatic yogurt dip, tzatziki with herbs from the garden and a fresh THE SECRETS OF PELION CUISINE 31 VOLOS EXCURSIONS seasonal salad. Guests depart having shared some secrets and armed with small gifts and a diploma in Pelion cuisine! Vegetarian options can be included. AUTHENTIC ENCOUNTERS EXPERIENCES JUST FOR YOU AND A FEW - FOR 10-17 GUESTS ADULT €159

Duration: Half day - LIMITED AVAILABILITY Tour code: VOL - 07 If you have tasted liquid gold before, it has probably never been as authentic this. This Pelion peninsula is a little known Greek jewel with the port city of Volos more or less half way between Athens and Thessaloniki on the east coast. From snowy mountains to beautiful beaches Pelion has everything with the added advantage of being relatively untouched by mass tourism. So this will be real journey of personal discovery for you. You can feel you are really new ground and visiting somewhere than many people would not be able to place on a map, or indeed would not have heard of. Discover the world of beautiful Pelion and what we call liquid gold and find out first hand what makes the very best Greek olive oil so special. For centuries, olives and olive oil have been an essential in every Pelion home and a source of pride and joy for those who produce it. They love to share it. Authentic Pelion olive oil comes from specific olive varieties and has a pungent taste and a smell of fresh-cut grass. Our tour begins with a drive along the coastal side of South Pelion. At the village of Koropi, you feel at one with the natural environment as we stroll through the olive trees and learn all about various olive, the production process and a few little secrets from the local producer. But don’t tell anyone. You are very welcome to join in with the harvesting of the oils. A DELICIOUS TASTE OF ‘LIQUID GOLD’ After this wonderful experience getting to the heart of such an important part of Greek life and culture, we’ll head to an olive mill to watch the extra virgin oil being produced and taste it fresh and warm with some snacks. What could possibly be more Greek? AUTHENTIC ENCOUNTERS EXPERIENCES JUST FOR YOU AND A FEW - FOR 10-20 GUESTS 32 VOLOS EXCURSIONS ADULT €99

Duration: Half day - LIMITED AVAILABILITY Tour code: VOL - 08 If you have been to Greece before, you will probably heard of Sweet Spoons or Glyko tou Koutaliou. You may even have tried them. This traditional conserved fruit Greek treat is often served to guests and it’s particularly well known in Pelion, between Athens and Thessaloniki. Here, every home has a jar on the shelf or in the cupboard. We visit the beautiful community of Vizitsa included in Unesco’s global list of preserved villages with its stone built paths and mansions. Here we meet the Women Cooperation Esperides in their kitchen and learn all about the tradition as they prepare the sweets for us and other travellers. And once the lesson is underway we can all get involved. The local Sweet Spoons are mostly known for the ingredient of baby apples. The ladies started their shop and kitchen in 2011 with their own savings and are totally dedicated to their craft. You will find it a delightful experience to meet them and share their love for what they do. Later there is free time to stroll in the village’s square and paths and then a stop in the main square of Milies to visit the famous church of Pameggiston Taxiarchon. PELION SPOON SWEETS Glyka tou koutaliou (Greek Spoon Sweets) AUTHENTIC ENCOUNTERS EXPERIENCES JUST FOR YOU AND A FEW - FOR 10-17 GUESTS VOLOS EXCURSIONS 33 ADULT €99


35 Duration: Half day Tour code: SAN - 01 If you are a first time visitor to Santorini she will take your breath away. And even if you are a regular visitor, with her soaring landscapes and whitewashed houses she will still do that every time. She is regularly described as one of the most beautiful places on the planet. There are plenty of magic moments on our excursion. One of the greatest spectacles is Oia village perched on the rim of the Caldera, the remains of a volcanic eruption. Santorini is a ring of rock around the sea. Think of it as the rim of an old volcano. First we head to Megalochori, one of the most authentic and unspoiled villages on the island, retaining its distinctive architecture, character and charm. Our trip continues eastwards through a number of traditional communities like Firostefani and Imerovigli until we arrive at Oia. On our journey we will have had the lace-like caldera to our west, the little islands of Thirasia, Palea and Nea Kameni and an incredible, unsurpassable panoramic view. Spend some time in Oia to explore, stroll the marblepaved alleys, visit the adorable shops and capture the moments on camera. Admire the traditional buildings carved into the rocks and the unusual captain’s manors, the settlement Ammoudi at the foot of the caldera. SPECTACULAR OIA VILLAGE PERCHED ON THE CALDERA RIM Bell tower at Megalochori Village Oia Village Ammoudi Bay SANTORINI EXCURSIONS CHILD €59 ADULT €79

36 Duration: Half day Tour code: SAN - 02 This trip is a must for those who want to acquaint themselves just a little better with the islands fringing the caldera, the volcanic remnants. A small boat will take us first to Nea Kameni. Its geology resembles a lunar landscape. We walk up the verge of the crater, the heart of the volcano and its an experience that should fill you with awe. The beaches of Nea Kameni are embraced by thermal springs. Our next stop on this special excursion is Palea Kameni with its therapeutic warm waters. The sea temperature here is five degrees higher than elsewhere and the green-yellow water contains sulphur. After our trip to the volcano we have a change of pace as we visit the energetic Fira, the island’s main town, for a stroll around, a quiet drink or simply the chance to soak up the atmosphere. We descend by funicular (ticket included in the excursion) to the Old Port for the transfer back to the ship. Tour may not be available at certain times of the year. CRUISE TO SANTORINI’S ISLANDS AND VOLCANOES Fira Nea Kameni Nea Kameni SANTORINI EXCURSIONS CHILD €59 ADULT €79

Duration: Half day Tour code: SAN - 08 Modern day Santorini has been shaped quite literally by one event in ancient history. In 1650 BC the huge volcano Thira erupted, sinking the centre of the island then known at Strongyle and leaving behind an incredible caldera. And it is on that small, circular, remnant that Santorini now sits, about 200 miles from the Greek mainland. The municipality includes the inhabited islands of Santorini and Therasia and the uninhabited ones of Nea Kameni, Palea Kameni, Aspronisi and Christiana. The soaring landscapes that give Santorini its unique look were formed by the eruption and you will almost certainly gaze in awe as you journey on a tender boat to the port of Athinios to head for Santorini’s most important archaeological site, the village of Akrotiri. On the way we make a brief stop at the ruins of the island’s famous windmill and take in the wonderful view. The settlement of Akrotiri was destroyed in the eruption and buried in volcanic ash which preserved many of its buildings, structures and fine frescoes. The site has been excavated since the 1960s. You will find a place held in time and it is an incredible experience. 37 It has been suggested Akrotiri could have been the inspiration for Plato’s story of Atlantis, but there are numerous other places vying for that honour. After Akrotiri we head for the capital Fira, the island’s largest town, to visit the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral, also known as the Church of Ypapantis. It is famed for its elegance and beautiful frescos painted by Santorini artist Christoforus Assimis. We have time to linger in Fira for shopping, a stroll or a relaxing coffee before making our way back to the tender boats by way of the teleferik, the Santorini Cable Car. It’s an impressive descent of more than 200 metres to the blue waters of the caldera at the harbour side. Tour may not be available at certain times of the year. AKROTIRI VILLAGE EXCAVATIONS Excavations at Akrotiri Akrotiri Village SANTORINI EXCURSIONS CHILD €59 ADULT €79

Duration: Full day Tour code: SAN - 06 We hope you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of this trip. We’re confident you will. We head to the stunning viewpoint of Mount Profitis Ilias (Prophet Elias) where you will be able to take marvellous pictures of the different aspects across this unique island. On the other hand you may just wish to simply gaze in awe, soaking up the vistas. Sometimes a camera just gets in the way. At the summit of the mountain is the beautiful Monastery of Profitis Ilias, one of the oldest on the island. From here we visit the magical town of Oia, without doubt the most photographed place on Santorini and familiar all over the world. Our panoramic drive gives us breathtaking views of the lava rocks of the islets of Nea Kameni and the Caldera below, with free time to enjoy the landscape of Oia and the colourful shops and cafes with terraces overlooking the Aegean Sea. We call at one of the most exclusive wineries of Santorini and of course there will be the chance for a little tasting. THE ESSENCE OF SANTORINI Cable cars in Fira Venetsanos Winery Our tour brings us to the Church of Panagia Episkopi. Located in the village of Episkopi Gonia, it is a beautiful Byzantine Church, built in the late 11th Century, and the best example of traditional ecclesiastical architecture on the island. At the coastal village of Kamari on the coast we will have free time to stroll along the beach that comes to the foot of the Mesa Vouno mountain, rising up to 400m. Once an agricultural and fishing village, modern Kamari boasts a thriving tourist industry, offering a wide choice of restaurants, cafes and bars and several water sports activities. The excursion ends in Fira where we make our way down to the harbour side by cable car. 38 SANTORINI EXCURSIONS CHILD €64 ADULT €89

Duration: Half day Tour code: SAN - 10 You are at the wheel of this exciting Jeep excursion with your guide as co-driver to show you the way! This alternative trip combines the wild, rugged and more desolate beauty of the south west of Santorini with the generally more touristy eastern part of the island. We start from Akrotiri, in the south-west. The settlement of Akrotiri was destroyed in the eruption and buried in volcanic ash which preserved many of its buildings, structures and fine frescoes. The site has been excavated since the 1960s. Akrotiri could have been the inspiration for Plato’s story of Atlantis. OFF THE BEATEN TRACK - 4X4 ADVENTURE Akrotiri Vlychada beach We see the lovely lighthouse of Akrotiri, built in 1892 and one of the oldest in Greece, then stop at the virgin Vlychada beach and the popular Perissa beach with its black sand washed by the beautiful crystal waters of the Aegean. Our journey takes in Mount Profitis Ilias (Prophet Elias) the little village of Exo Gonia built amphitheatrically on a slope and the peaceful Monolithos with its hidden beauties and its long and popular beach. This is a great opportunity to see Santorini off the beaten track. It’s unforgettable excursion with you in charge and it comes to an end at Fira. 39 SANTORINI EXCURSIONS CHILD €69 ADULT €99

Duration: Half day - LIMITED AVAILABILITY Tour code: SAN - 17 This tour is only suitable for fit persons. Not available in July and August. Is there a more awe-inspiring, captivating place than Oia? Unequivocally no many would say and who are we to disagree. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this is beauty personified. After all, it is one of the most photographed places in the world, famed also for its spellbinding sunrises and sunsets. Picture postcard just doesn’t get anywhere near doing it justice. Mere words are not enough. Oia is our ultimate destination on this walking tour, so you will be able to make up your own mind, but without doubt the experience will live long in the memory. We make our way by coach up the hills from Athinios, following the twists and turns of the road, all the while taking in the astonishing landscape. We pass by the former capital Pyrgos and the vineyards on the slopes. The walking tour along a natural trail begins at Imerovigli. Passing abandoned chapels, the stunning caldera is always in view and on the horizon we can see the islands of Nea Kameni, Palea Kameni and Thirasia Then we reach Oia, high up on the ridge of red rocks and hanging on the caldera. From this panorama of whitewashed houses with colourful rooftops and pretty churches the views across the dazzlingly blue Aegean and the caldera below simply take your breath away. Try some Greek meze and and enjoy a little free time to visit the art galleries and antique shops, before our return to port - by coach of course, not on foot! HIKING TO THE ULTIMATE BEAUTY OF OIA ???????? Imerovigli Pyrgos AUTHENTIC ENCOUNTERS EXPERIENCES JUST FOR YOU AND A FEW - FOR 10-15 GUESTS 40 SANTORINI EXCURSIONS ADULT €99

Duration: Half day - LIMITED AVAILABILITY Tour code: SAN-16 Pyrgos is our destination, the highest village on Santorini and one of the most beautiful parts of the island. An exquisite picture-book location which looks and feels as though it belongs in another era, a Greece of yesteryear. It’s charming, enchanting and absorbing and here you can live in the moment with the realisation there you are experiencing something very special. Here your soul can really rejoice. The pace of life is peaceful, calm and relaxed, a world away from the what we might know as normal life. The main square with its tall pine trees and delightful coffee shops is the focal and the perfect place to take in the atmosphere. Capture the moment and the feelings and hold on to them on our guided walking tour exploring the traditional Cyladic architecture that gives Santorini island its unique look. Wander through the remains of a Venetian fortress and see the historical 18th century monastery of Profitis Ilias, which is closed to the public but remains home to one solitary monk. Here are the most breathtaking views over the island. We travel to Megalochori, a remarkably preserved village of Cycladic and neoclassical architecture. Stroll through rustic streets and marvel at homes dug into the volcanic rock. Then we head to the Symposion Music and Mythology Cultural Centre for a musical presentation which creates an interactive journey using mythological narration and fifteen hand-crafted wind and string instruments. The tour explores the history and architecture of the former winery and we will enjoy a cup of honey wine. Back at Fira Town there is free time to shop and explore on your own. The cable car ticket is included. MUSIC, MYTHS AND HISTORY AUTHENTIC ENCOUNTERS EXPERIENCES JUST FOR YOU AND A FEW - FOR 9-14 GUESTS 41 SANTORINI EXCURSIONS ADULT €119