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AUTHENTIC ENCOUNTERS EXPERIENCES JUST FOR YOU AND A FEW Short or no walking involved. Easy walking: General walking over an even surface. Moderate walking: Moderate amount of physical activity such as walking over uneven surfaces and climbing stairs. Might not be recommended for guests with walking difficulties. Hard walking: High amount of physical activity for extended periods of time. Recommended only for sporting guests with good physical health. Includes visits to religious sites, knees and shoulders must be covered. It is recommended to bring your swimming suit and a towel. Shopping with an experienced guide. Meal included on this excursion. Refreshments included on this excursion. Please be advised it is recommended that you take a bottle of water for your journey. Panoramic, nature, landscapes. Cultural experience: This tour will feature art, architecture, history and religion. Folklore: We focus on local habits, traditions, food and tasting. Adventure and fun. Suitable for families travelling with children. GUIDE TO SYMBOLS Pre book and cancellation period is up to two weeks prior to embarkation date. Our Authentic excursions require a minimum participation, noted on each excursion page. Half day - up to 5 hours Full day - 6 hours and above All timings and order of visits are subject to change depending on traffic congestion of the sites and weather conditions. Operation of tours may be subject to the time of the year - please check at time of booking. Normal excursions require a minimum participation as per terms and conditions. Please be aware of the dress code in order to enter the monasteries; legs and shoulders should be covered, no shorts, long skirts (below the knee). Terms and conditions are available at: www.celestyalcruises.com/shorex-conditions AUTHENTIC ENCOUNTERS EXPERIENCES JUST FOR YOU AND A FEW WHY BOOK A CELESTYAL EXCURSION Although we say it ourselves, the destinations on a Celestyal cruise are rather special. Call us biased but we think they are among the most exciting, historic, iconic and evocative in the world. So a very warm welcome to our Iconic Aegean excursions. Joining us on the four night itinerary you will be immersed in the most fabulous experiences living and breathing the myths and legends of Ancient Greece, discovering long past civilisations and following in the footsteps of great figures from history. From classical Athens to beautiful Mykonos, aweinspiring Ephesus, Patmos, Rhodes, Crete and stunning Santorini. You will be amazed at what we can see and do in just a few days. We like to feel that we are taking you on your very own Greek Odyssey across the Aegean. Our specially designed excursions are central to your Celestyal experience with our expert guides taking you step by step through your voyage and really bringing history alive. Sometimes in history it’s not easy to work out where facts end and legends begin. So please fire up your imagination and join us to find out. We really mean it when we say every moment is a destination and ‘every destination is a wonder’. 04 Mykonos 08 Kusadasi 14 Patmos 20 Rhodes 28 Santorini 34 Athens CONTENTS

EXCURSION PACKAGES Find your inner explorer and indulge yourself with our discounted excursion packages. If you embark from another port please contact us for your available packages. 10% discount package includes: ✔ Ancient Ephesus through the ages (KUS-02) ✔ Medieval tour - Acropolis of Lindos and the Citadel of the knights (RHO-01) ✔ Spectacular Oia Village perched on the Caldera rim (SAN-01) Package price ADULT €213, CHILD €159 (includes 10% off) INCLUSIVE fare: ADULT €138, CHILD €84 ENHANCE fare: ADULT €63, CHILD €9 Prices are per person with your discount applied


Duration: Half day Tour code: MYK - 04 This popular excursion on foot takes us up close to the wonders of Mykonos Town or Chora and the sights, sounds, tastes and flavours that make it one of the world’s best loved destinations. We begin with a stroll along the narrow cobbled streets, past the boutiques, whitewashed houses and elegant cafes until we come to Kastro, home of the famously beautiful Paraportiani Church, a must for every visitor. We may visit the Folklore Museum or Aegean Maritime Museum. The Folklore Museum is housed in an old two storey captain’s house. The museum’s exhibits include traditional costumes, furniture and household items typically found on Mykonos in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as jewellery and textiles. The Maritime Museum used to be the home of the legendary Master of the merchant ship “Enosis”, Nikolaos Sourmelis. Its exhibits include models of ships from the pre-Minoan period to this day, historical shipping documents, rare engravings and maps, ancient artefacts, navigational instruments, equipment and tools. Our tour continues with a walk to Alefkhandra and the ubiquitous windmills, the symbol of Mykonos, recognised the world over. This part of the town is known as Little Venice. The houses belonging to wealthy merchants and sea captains were built on the water in the 18th century and their wooden balconies are a little reminder of the homes along the canals of Venice. We conclude our trip at a local taverna, where we enjoy traditional food and drink, reflect on what we have seen, chat and savour the tastes, aromas and essence of genuine Greek spirit. MYKONIAN DINNER Mykonos Mykonos Little Venice 5 MYKONOS EXCURSIONS CHILD €59 ADULT €84

Duration: Half day Tour code: MYK - 06 We set off by coach from Mykonos Town, also known as Chora. We visit the lovely colourful beach of Kalafatis. On our return trip to Chora we call at the traditional village of Ano Mera and the monastery of Panagia Tourliani, founded in 1542. It houses a wonderful collection of icons and has a beautiful bell tower and marble fountain, well worth seeing. The delightful village square of Ano Mera is the perfect spot for a short break and maybe a coffee. You’ll be relaxing in one of the island’s oldest communities. Back in Mykonos Town we stop at the Paraportiani church (which literally means Our Lady of the Side Gate and is actually made up of five churches) and the Folklore Museum. Here you can see many exhibits including traditional costumes, furniture and personal items typical of Mykonos life in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the island of more than 100 years ago We finish at Little Venice, the neighbourhood of Alefkhandra to admire those famous windmills, a sight you can surely never tire of. Tour may not be available at certain times of the year. MYKONIAN COUNTRYSIDE TOUR WITH CHORA AND LITTLE VENICE Paraportiani Church Chora Monastery of Panagia Tourliani 6 MYKONOS EXCURSIONS CHILD €59 ADULT €75


Library of Celsius, Ephesus 8 KUSADASI EXCURSIONS

Duration: Half day Tour code: KUS - 01 We say with Celestyal every moment is a destination and every destination is a wonder. That’s more than just a figure of speech. In some cases it’s literally true. So our visit to Ephesus brings us to the site of the fourth of our Seven Wonders. Ephesus was an Ancient Greek city on the coast of Ionia. It’s now in Turkey. It was famed for the nearby Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders, completed around 550BC. The temple, with more than 100 marble pillars each standing 56 feet tall took 120 years to build and it earned the city the name ‘Servant of the Goddess.’ A single solitary pillar remains standing on the site, found during an excavation in the 1870s. As with so many places in the Eastern Mediterranean, Ephesus changed hands many times over the centuries. But it remains one of the largest Roman archaeological sites in the region. You will be in awe of this incredible historic complex and the ruins you explore still give some idea of the original splendour of Ephesus. Among the sights to be admired still are the iconic and instantly recognisable Library of Celsus, the Gate of Augustus, Magnesian Gate, the Agora, Odeon, the Houses of the Patricians, the Great Theatre, Hadrian’s Temple and the House of the Virgin Mary. HOUSE OF VIRGIN MARY & ANCIENT EPHESUS One legend suggests Mary may have spent her last years here following Jesus’ instruction to St John the Evangelist to look after his mother. Many consider it to have been her final home and it has become a place of pilgrimage. In 1957 the Vatican formalised this recognition. Three Popes have visited. Another reason why Ephesus is important in Christianity is that the apostle Paul lived, preached and wrote extensively here including his Letter to the Corinthians. Ephesus is one of the largest, most fascinating and most inspiring open-air archaeological museums in the world. This is an excursion you are unlikely to forget. We have time for shopping for carpets, jewellery, leather and other souvenirs at the end of our tour. City of Ephesus, Library of Celsus 9 KUSADASI EXCURSIONS CHILD €66 ADULT €89

Baths of Scholastica The Temple of Hadrian Trajan’s Fountain 10 Duration: Half day Tour code: KUS - 02 This is a wonderful journey through some of the most important and formative periods of history and we hope you will be enthralled by the stories of the Hellenes, Romans and of Christianity in our fascinating exploration of Ephesus. This marvellous city, sitting on the hills outside Kusadasi is a fabulous open air archaeological wonder founded by the Greeks around 2000 BC. It was one of the most important cities of the region and was dedicated to the goddess Artemis. The Temple built in her honour was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It had more than 100 marble pillars each standing 56 feet tall and it earned the city the name ‘Servant of the Goddess.’ A single pillar remains standing on the site, found during an excavation in the 1870s. We will be able to see the Agora, Odeon, the Library of Celsus, the marvel-paved Main Street of Curetes, the Baths of Scholastica, Trajan’s Fountain, the Temple of Hadrian and the Houses of Koressus, where the wealthy families of Ancient Ephesus lived. Only 13 per cent of Ephesus has so far been uncovered. The finds from the excavations made so far are housed in the Archaeological Museum of Ephesus in the city of Selcuk. We have time for shopping for carpets, jewellery, leather and other souvenirs at the end of our tour. ANCIENT EPHESUS THROUGH THE AGES - HELLENISTIC AND ROMAN KUSADASI EXCURSIONS CHILD €59 ADULT €79

Library of Celsus Main Street of Curetes Ancient Roman Mosaics from Terrace Houses 11 Duration: Half day Tour code: KUS - 07 Every step we take in Ancient Ephesus brings us closer to the Hellenistic, Roman and early Christian eras. We will enjoy a truly exceptional experience in one of the most important and complete classical cities in Europe, even though only a fraction of it has been uncovered. We pass through the Magnesian Gate and wander through the Agora, Odeon, the magnificent and restored Library of Celsus, the marble-paved Main Street of Curetes, Baths of Scholastica, The Great Theatre, Trajan’s Fountain, the Houses of the Patricians, Prytaneum and the Temple of Hadrian. Opposite Hadrian’s Temple, at the foot of the Bulbul Hill and the covered part of the archaeological site, protected from the heat and natural elements, lie the Houses of Koressus or Terrace Houses. It was here that the wealthy families of Ancient Ephesus lived. These villas are excellently preserved, especially the interior decor. The oldest houses so far unearthed date from the 1st Century BC, were built on two storeys and even had hot and cold and a heating system, clay pipes under the floor. They were even constructed to a city plan in which roads intersected with each other at right angles. Ephesus, which became the second largest city in the Roman Empire, was dedicated to the goddess Artemis and the magnificent temple built to honour her took 120 years to complete. It is one of six of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that have long gone. We have time for shopping for carpets, jewellery, leather and other souvenirs at the end of our tour. ANCIENT EPHESUS AND THE TERRACE HOUSES KUSADASI EXCURSIONS CHILD €66 ADULT €89

Duration: Half day - LIMITED AVAILABILITY Tour code: KUS - 06 A water world of adventure awaits guests at Adaland, something of a contrast with our more sedate tours. If a little adrenaline and excitement is what you crave, it’s an experience tailor made for you. This is Turkey’s biggest themed water park and one of the largest and best regarded in Europe. There are 10,000 square metres of slides, wave pools, waterfalls and rides with facilities and thrills for all age groups. The heart-stopping ‘big rides’ include the Screamer, Black Thunder and the Anaconda. The names say it all. At a more gentle pace, there are boat rides in the lazy river that stretches for 300m through the park and on Treasure Island younger visitors can slide through the 25m Pirate Tunnel or test their balance on the Lily-Pad Raft Walk. There are more than 20 family friendly rides, plenty to keep everyone busy. Also featured are the children’s pool and slides jacuzzi pool, wave pool, activity pool. The little ones get their own separate areas. ADVENTURE, SPILLS AND THRILLS AT ADALAND WATER PARK Adaland Water Park 12 KUSADASI EXCURSIONS CHILD €34 ADULT €49

Duration: Half day - LIMITED AVAILABILITY Tour code: KUS-11 Sometimes you visit a place and metaphorically rub your eyes because you can’t quite believe you are there. We think Ephesus is one such destination. Every step we take brings us closer to the incredible civilisations of the Hellenes, Romans and Ottomans. Here once stood one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Temple of Artemis. Our visit to Ephesus is the very essence of experiential travel and we are proud to be able to show it to you in the company of an expert archaeologist-guide as we feel, see and touch ancient history. What a magnificent experience to take away and hold onto forever. Ephesus ranks among the world’s most beautiful classical cities. St John and the Virgin Mary visited and here St Paul wrote one of his most celebrated epistles, the Letter to the Ephesians. Beginning at the Magnesium Gate we walk gently and leisurely downhill through Ephesus’ marble streets, passing historically-significant sites such as the gymnasium, Temple of Hadrian, Upper Agora and Roman Baths. Opposite Hadrian’s Temple, at the foot of the Bulbul Hill and the covered part of the archaeological site, protected from the heat and natural elements, lie the Houses of Koressus or Terrace Houses. It was here that the wealthy families of Ancient Ephesus lived. These villas are excellently preserved, especially the interior decor. The oldest houses so far unearthed date from the 1st Century BC, were built on two storeys and even had hot and cold and a heating system, clay pipes under the floor. Then we come to the breathtaking Celsus Library, built in 135 B.C. and lavishly decorated with facades, columns and sculptures. The library once housed 12,000 scrolls of papyrus manuscripts, making it one of the largest in the ancient world. A short walk away is the spectacular Greek Theatre, able to seat 24,000. From here St. Paul preached to the populace, imploring them to give up their worship of Artemis and embrace the Christian faith. Only foundations and fragment of the magnificent Temple of Artemis remain at Ephesus but just being at the site of one of the Seven Wonders is something special. ANCIENT CIVILISATIONS WITH AN EXPERT ARCHAEOLOGIST Ephesus AUTHENTIC ENCOUNTERS EXPERIENCES JUST FOR YOU AND A FEW - FOR 10-20 GUESTS KUSADASI EXCURSIONS 13 CHILD €99 ADULT €119

14 St John’s Monastery PATMOS EXCURSIONS

15 Duration: Half day Tour code: PAT - 01 This excursion takes us to a small but fascinating island with connections to the Bible and to the Gods. Patmos in the Aegean is among the northernmost islands of the Dodecanese. It is has a long been a place of pilgrimage because Patmos is mentioned in the Book of Revelation, the last book of the Christian Bible. It records that St John the Evangelist received a vision from Jesus here. Visitors can see the location where John is said to have had the revelation, the Cave or Grotto of the Apocalypse. Meanwhile a number of churches are named after the apostle and we are able to call at the Monastery of St John. The picturesque alleyways wind up to the Monastery which was founded by St. Christodoulos in 1088. We are able to enter the yard, where the monks take their meals and the old bakery. Of exquisite beauty is our tour of the Byzantine Church of St John, adorned with a wood-carved icon screen, important frescoes from several periods of history. Next we stop at a small museum which is home to priceless religious treasures including manuscripts, medieval textiles and vestments. RELIGIOUS VISIT TO ST JOHN’S MONASTERY - GROTTO OF APOCALYPSE Behind the chapel of St Anne lies the entrance to the Grotto of the Apocalypse. We will see the cross engraved by St John and the triple fissure in the wall where John is said to have heard God telling of the Apocalypse. You may feel the historical and religious enormity of this special moment. In Greek mythology Patmos originally existed at the bottom of the sea but Zeus was persuaded to allow it rise from the waters. The sun dried the land and people from the region began inhabiting the island they named Letois after the goddess Artemis. St John’s Monastery St John’s Monastery PATMOS EXCURSIONS CHILD €59 ADULT €75

16 Duration: Half day Tour code: PAT - 02 The lovely island of Patmos is a UNESCO World Heritage Monument. Our panoramic excursion begins in the port of Skala, heading to the centre of the island and the capital of Chora. Here we see the Monastery of St John the Evangelist and visit the Grotto of the Apocalypse. This is where, according to the biblical account, Jesus spoke to John and told him of the Apocalypse. It is mentioned in the Book of Revelation, the last book of the Christian Bible. It’s no surprise then that many people make their way to Patmos each year for pilgrimage. In the central area of Chora we find the silent windmills which stand sentry-like over the capital. Our tour continues as we head to some of the more desolate landscapes of the island, typical of the Dodecanese. Rocky hills, barren soil and promontories jutting into the sea creating dozens of coves and bays making up an intricate coastline. Here you might reflect on the legend of how the island lay at the bottom of the sea and how Zeus was prevailed upon to allow it to rise from the water. Which he did. We end our exploration back at Skala. Coffee and other refreshments await you at the atmospheric cafe Arion. COUNTRYSIDE TOUR WITH CHORA AND THE GROTTO OF APOCALYPSE Stunning scenery Skala St John’s Monastery in the background PATMOS EXCURSIONS CHILD €59 ADULT €75

17 Duration: Half day Tour code: PAT - 05 This gastronomic trip features an unforgettable feast served in a traditional Patmos taverna. Your welcoming hosts are keen to show you the traditional dishes of their beautiful island in one of the loveliest classic hillside villages, We begin at the port of Scala for the scenic coach ride to the hills. The island, one of the northernmost in the Dodecanese, is made up of three mountainous parts, linked by two isthmuses at the centre. Patmos feels off the beaten path and esoteric, thanks to its unspoilt natural beauty, picture postcard villages, stunning vistas and sacred sites. We drive through numerous fabulous villages - but be sure to look down for incredible views of the Aegean, from which Patmos rose on the orders of Zeus. At least that’s according to Greek mythology and who are we to argue? Greeted by the scent of wildflowers we take a short stroll to the taverna where the tables are overflowing with traditional Patmian fare. Local musicians and a dance troupe perform as we enjoy a wonderful meal. We experience the authentic heart of the Patmos countryside. TRADITIONAL FEAST IN PATMOS Typical Greek Taverna Hillside villages PATMOS EXCURSIONS SOLD ONLY ON BOARD

Duration: Half day Tour code: PAT - 06 Our Greek Odyssey has an undoubted spiritual dimension. Perhaps this is no surprise when you consider how important the history of Christianity is to the places we visit of our voyage of discovery. This certainly true of Patmos, one of the northernmost islands of the Dodecanese and a significant Christian pilgrimage site. You can almost feel its strong spiritual character and you may find your time here a truly moving, soulful experience. The Cave of the Apocalypse is where John of Patmos or St John the Theologian is said have received the visions he wrote of in the Book of Revelations. A fortresslike, 11th-century monastery dedicated to John overlooks the whitewashed houses of the hilltop capital, Hora (also known as Chora). In Chora, next to the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi, is the unique 1625 mansion of Simandiri, which is where we are headed. The mansion has been converted into a folklore museum, a genuine cultural gem and monument. It has been beautifully preserved for eight generations now, the second oldest building in the town. The lady of the house, Morfoula Simantiri is our host and guide, gracefully presenting her precious handmade embroideries. She is a member of the eighth generation. Here you can step back in time in the intimate setting and glimpse everyday life in Patmos during the past centuries through furniture, paintings, photographs, traditional tools and everyday objects. We hope you will be enthralled by this beautiful home, constructed by craftsmen from Asia Minor. You will be able to admire the traditional architecture of Patmos in the vaulted ceilings in an open ground floor swept by stunning arches. Discover in the rooms antique furniture and silverware from 17th Century Russia, valuable artwork and icons from the 15th to 17th centuries. The mansion is veritable treasure trove and time machine which intrigues and fascinates. CAPTURING THE TRUE SPIRIT OF CHORA Mansion of Simandiri Mansion of Simandiri PATMOS EXCURSIONS 18 CHILD €59 ADULT €79


Town of Lindos and Acropolis on the island of Rhodes RHODES EXCURSIONS 20

Duration: Half day Tour code: RHO - 01 Let’s begin in unusual fashion, with what you won’t see in Rhodes. One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World once proudly stood here. He was the Colossus of Rhodes and is of course long departed, probably destroyed by an earthquake. Nevertheless as you arrive on this wonderful, historic island, you may just be able to imagine this statue of the Greek sun-god Helios in 280BC, standing 100 feet tall in celebration of Rhodes’ victory over Cyprus. The largest of the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes has a compelling back story and there are still remnants of its occupation by the Knights of St John during the Crusades. So while the Colossus may not be there, you will be wowed by the many historical sites. We travel first to Lindos, about 55km from Rhodes Town and high above the village sits the impressive Acropolis of Lindos with the Doric Temple of Athena, built in 300 BC. Captains’ mansions constructed between the 16th and 18th centuries are dotted here and there and in the heart of Lindos is the Church of the Virgin Mary with lovely frescoes from the 15th Century. Back in Rhodes is where we are really immersed in the history of the island in the Knights’ Quarter. We stroll through Gate d’Amboise to walk along the Street of the Knights and see where they lived, separated according to Order, their crests still visible today. We will also see (outside) the imposing Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes, a medieval castle also known as the Kastello. It’s one of the few examples of Gothic architecture in Greece. The Byzantine citadel was built in the 7th Century, the palace itself in the fourteenth. Where the palace sits today could well have been the spot where once stood the Colossus according to recent studies. Either way, this tour takes us into the heart of the fascinating history of Rhodes. Gate d’Amboise Acropolis of Lindos ACROPOLIS OF LINDOS AND THE CITADEL OF THE KNIGHTS 21 RHODES EXCURSIONS CHILD €59 ADULT €79

Duration: Half day Tour code: RHO - 02 Our tour begins at the Acropolis of Rhodes, just outside the city. It dates from the Classical Greek period and sits proudly on the hill of St Stephanos. We wander through the ruins of the Hellenistic Temple of Apollo with its impressive columns. Below is the restored Ancient Stadium of Diagoras and theatre. The stadium once hosted games in tribute to the sun-god Helios. We then head for Philerimos, one of the great tourist attractions of the island. The beautiful Monastery of Panagia Philerimos is located on a hill above Ialyssos, one of the three Rhodian cities that participated in the Trojan War. The Monastery, accessed by stone steps surrounded by Cypress trees, is dedicated to the Virgin Mary the Life-Giving Source and unusually is Gothic in style. It was built in the 15th Century by the Knights of St John. We also take time to visit the Byzantine Church of St George Hostos with its rare frescoes depicting the Knights. Philerimos is also home to the ‘Golgotha’ a series of copper reliefs depicting the Passion of Christ. We return to the capital Rhodes to learn more about the Knights, where they lived and how they were the last bastion of Christianity in a region dominated by the Ottomans who eventually captured the island in 1522. In the Knights’ Quarter we visit the magnificent Palace of the Grandmaster also known at the Kastello. This too was built in Gothic style. This is one of the most atmospheric and intriguing areas of Rhodes, where we delve into the very heart and soul of its history. Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes Monastery of Panagia Philerimos Philerimos 22 PHILERIMOS CHURCH AND THE PALACE OF THE KNIGHTS RHODES EXCURSIONS CHILD €59 ADULT €79

Duration: Half day Tour code: RHO - 11 Sometimes the best way of immersing yourself completely in the history and atmosphere of a place is to explore on foot. That’s exactly what we do on this fascinating tour where we get to the very heart of Medieval Rhodes and the compelling story of the Knights of St John of Jerusalem. We begin along the Street of the Knights in the Old City. It’s one the best preserved medieval thoroughfares anywhere. We will see the buildings that were home to the Knights, ranked by Order with the crests still in place today. The purpose of the Knights originally was to provide medical care for wounded crusaders but they soon became a military order and fought off attempts by the Ottomans to capture Rhodes (which they did eventually). The head of the Order was the Grand Master. We visit the splendid Palace of the Grand Master, the focal point and most important site of the Knights’ Quarter. This magnificent structure is also called the Kastello is a fine example of Gothic architecture. The Byzantine citadel was constructed in the 7th Century, the palace itself in the 14th Century. Where the palace sits today might have been the spot where once stood the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Our tour also takes in the Mosque of Suleiman the Magnificent, Turkish Baths, the Hospital of the Knights and the Church of Our Lady of the Castle, which has stood guard since the 11th Century. View from the walls of the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights Street of the Knights in the Old City Grand Master of the Knights Palace WALKING TOUR IN THE MEDIEVAL CITY OF RHODES 23 RHODES EXCURSIONS CHILD €30 ADULT €49

Duration: Half day - JUNE & JULY ONLY Tour code: RHO - 06 After all that has happened in the past two years, you may just want to find a little corner complete and utter tranquillity, away from the noise, chaos and confusion of the world. Somewhere totally at peace with itself. We can help you with that. We have found such a place and would love to share it with you. Join us in the beautiful and beautifully named Valley of the Butterflies. An oasis of calm, Butterfly Valley or Petaloudes is a lush green valley, with a little river coursing through it. There are little wooden bridges, stone steps and a path which leads to the Monastery of the Virgin of Kalopetra, built in 1784. Each year in this unique natural park from June to July, thousands of multi coloured butterflies appear. They live attached to the tree trunks, living from the sap, then laying their eggs and multiplying. The valley is a wonderful place to walk in, under the shade of the trees.The distinctive scent of the pine resin, which attracts the butterflies and the coolness from the abundantly flowing waters, make this a paradise that will live long in your memory. This excursion will first transport us back in time to Ancient Greece and the absorbing history of once powerful Kameiros. On the northwest coast around 50km from Rhodes Town, the settlement of Kameiros in the 5th century BC formed with Lindos and Ialyssos, the city-state of Rhodes. Today, just a few remains still stand. It was founded by the Dorians in the prehistoric times and built on three levels. On top of the hill was the Acropolis with the temple of the goddess Athena Kameiras. In the 6th century BC, a reservoir was built to provide water for the 400 families. Around this reservoir, the inhabitants constructed a stoa with two rooms of Doric columns. The main settlement was built around the Acropolis and the lower level consisted of a Doric temple dedicated to Apollo and the Agora, where the political issues of the day were discussed. It’s a fascinating insight into the life of the Ancient Greeks. BEAUTY OF BUTTERFLIES AND ANCIENT KAMEIROS Kamiros Butterfly Valley 24 RHODES EXCURSIONS CHILD €69 ADULT €89

Duration: Half day - LIMITED AVAILABILITY Tour code: RHO - 17 If you have ever wanted to get into the very heart and soul of Greek culture and civilisation, this is the perfect opportunity. This highly specialist tour give a fascinating insight into and a greater understanding of the history of Greece and how it developed. Pottery has played a huge part in Greek culture since the earliest times. It’s extraordinary beautiful, distinctive, colourful and elaborate and was considered to be a gift worthy of dedication to the Gods. And it represents an important record to help us understand the different periods of Ancient Greek life. There were four major pottery styles in Ancient Greece, red figure and black figure, Corinthian and geometric. The ancient Greeks used ceramic vessels in every aspect of their daily lives, for storage, carrying, mixing, serving, and drinking, and as cosmetic and perfume containers. Today pottery plays a big role in the souvenir industry. This tour gives us a fascinating insight into this key aspect of Greek history. Rhodes has long been known is known for its tradition in pottery and ceramics. Records show how clay bricks from Rhodes were used in the construction of the dome of the magnificent Hagia Sofia Byzantine church in Istanbul. We head to the north side of the island enjoying the panoramic views of the sweeping Rhodian countryside. At the Bonis Ceramic Factory we find out about the various techniques adopted in pottery making. After a demonstration from one of the craftsmen, you will be invited to enhance your pottery skills and gain a very good hands-on understanding of the various techniques in order to help you make your own ceramic item. It will be shipped back to you. After your hard work you will have earned some refreshing ouzo and Greek meze at the factory showroom before we head back to Rhodes Town. MAKING POTTERY FIT FOR THE GODS AUTHENTIC ENCOUNTERS EXPERIENCES JUST FOR YOU AND A FEW - FOR 10-16 GUESTS 25 RHODES EXCURSIONS ADULT €109

Duration: Half day - LIMITED AVAILABILITY Tour code: RHO - 18 Now this is the way to see Rhodes. From a very different and enthralling perspective. Our Sea Kayak trip is quite an adventure. Enjoy the rock formations and sea caves along the island’s spectacular coastline. Our expert guides know the best routes to the tucked away beaches, the marine life and the beautiful natural sculptures. Our starting point is the beach at Kathara, near Faliraki and just 20 minutes from Rhodes Town, where we meet the guide for a safety briefing and our equipment. The route includes the famous inlet and beach of Anthony Quinn - where the popular wartime epic film of 1961 ‘The Guns of Navarone’ in which he starred was filmed. It also featured Gregory Peck and David Niven. Quinn who was also the star of Zorba the Greek, was so taken with Rhodes, he bought some land nearby. Enjoy panoramic vistas of stunning rock formations before venturing into hidden sea caves along the coast. There’s also the chance to swim or snorkel in the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean. All you need to concentrate on is the spectacular scenery and your paddling technique. It’s a rare opportunity to feel completely at one with the coastline of Rhodes at its most dramatic and thrilling. A KAYAK ADVENTURE DISCOVERING PIRATE COVES Sea Kayaking Anthony Quinn Bay Snorkelling AUTHENTIC ENCOUNTERS EXPERIENCES JUST FOR YOU AND A FEW - FOR 4-16 GUESTS 26 RHODES EXCURSIONS ADULT €159



29 Duration: Half day Tour code: SAN - 01 If you are a first time visitor to Santorini she will take your breath away. And even if you are a regular visitor, with her soaring landscapes and whitewashed houses she will still do that every time. She is regularly described as one of the most beautiful places on the planet. There are plenty of magic moments on our excursion. One of the greatest spectacles is Oia village perched on the rim of the Caldera, the remains of a volcanic eruption. Santorini is a ring of rock around the sea. Think of it as the rim of an old volcano. First we head to Megalochori, one of the most authentic and unspoiled villages on the island, retaining its distinctive architecture, character and charm. Our trip continues eastwards through a number of traditional communities like Firostefani and Imerovigli until we arrive at Oia. On our journey we will have had the lace-like caldera to our west, the little islands of Thirasia, Palea and Nea Kameni and an incredible, unsurpassable panoramic view. There is plenty of time in Oia to explore, stroll the marble-paved alleys, visit the adorable shops and capture the moments on camera. Admire the traditional buildings carved into the rocks and the unusual captain’s manors, the settlement of Ammoudi at the foot of the caldera. SPECTACULAR OIA VILLAGE PERCHED ON THE CALDERA RIM Bell tower at Megalochori Village Oia Village Ammoudi Bay SANTORINI EXCURSIONS CHILD €59 ADULT €79

30 Duration: Half day Tour code: SAN - 02 This trip is a must for those who want to acquaint themselves just a little better with the islands fringing the caldera, the volcanic remnants. A small boat will take us first to Nea Kameni. Its geology resembles a lunar landscape. We walk up the verge of the crater, the heart of the volcano and its an experience that should fill you with awe. The beaches of Nea Kameni are embraced by thermal springs. Our next stop on this special excursion is Palea Kameni with its therapeutic warm waters. The sea temperature here is five degrees higher than elsewhere and the green-yellow water contains sulphur. After our trip to the volcano we have a change of pace as we visit the energetic Fira, the island’s main town, for a stroll around, a quiet drink or simply the chance to soak up the atmosphere. We descend by funicular (ticket included in the excursion) to the Old Port for the transfer back to the ship. Tour may not be available at certain times of the year. CRUISE TO SANTORINI’S ISLANDS AND VOLCANOES Fira Nea Kameni Nea Kameni SANTORINI EXCURSIONS CHILD €59 ADULT €79

31 Duration: Half day Tour code: SAN - 08 Modern day Santorini has been shaped quite literally by one event in ancient history. In 1650 BC the huge volcano Thira erupted, sinking the centre of the island then known as Strongyle and leaving behind an incredible caldera. And it is on that small, circular, remnant that Santorini now sits, about 200 miles from the Greek mainland. The municipality includes the inhabited islands of Santorini and Therasia and the uninhabited ones of Nea Kameni, Palea Kameni, Aspronisi and Christiana. The soaring landscapes that give Santorini its unique look were formed by the eruption and you will almost certainly gaze in awe as you journey on a tender boat to the port of Athinios to head for Santorini’s most important archaeological site, the village of Akrotiri. On the way we make a brief stop at the ruins of the island’s famous windmill and take in the wonderful view. The settlement of Akrotiri was destroyed in the eruption and buried in volcanic ash which preserved many of its buildings, structures and fine frescoes. The site has been excavated since the 1960s. You will find a place held in time and it is an incredible experience. It has been suggested Akrotiri could have been the inspiration for Plato’s story of Atlantis, but there are numerous other places vying for that honour. After Akrotiri we head for the capital Fira, the island’s largest town, to visit the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral, also known as the Church of Ypapantis. It is famed for its elegance and beautiful frescos painted by Santorini artist Christoforus Assimis. We have time to linger in Fira for shopping, a stroll or a relaxing coffee before making our way back to the tender boats by way of the teleferik, the Santorini Cable Car. It’s an impressive descent of more than 200 metres to the blue waters of the caldera at the harbour side. Tour may not be available at certain times of the year. AKROTIRI VILLAGE EXCAVATIONS Excavations at Akrotiri Akrotiri Village SANTORINI EXCURSIONS CHILD €59 ADULT €79

Duration: Half day - LIMITED AVAILABILITY Tour code: SAN-16 Pyrgos is our destination, the highest village on Santorini and one of the most beautiful parts of the island. An exquisite picture-book location which looks and feels as though it belongs in another era, a Greece of yesteryear. It’s charming, enchanting and absorbing and here you can live in the moment with the realisation there you are experiencing something very special. Here your soul can really rejoice. The pace of life is peaceful, calm and relaxed, a world away from the what we might know as normal life. The main square with its tall pine trees and delightful coffee shops is the focal and the perfect place to take in the atmosphere. Capture the moment and the feelings and hold on to them on our guided walking tour exploring the traditional Cyladic architecture that gives Santorini island its unique look. Wander through the remains of a Venetian fortress and see the historical 18th century monastery of Profitis Ilias, which is closed to the public but remains home to one solitary monk. Here are the most breathtaking views over the island. We travel to Megalochori, a remarkably preserved village of Cycladic and neoclassical architecture. Stroll through rustic streets and marvel at homes dug into the volcanic rock. Then we head to the Symposion Music and Mythology Cultural Centre for a musical presentation which creates an interactive journey using mythological narration and fifteen hand-crafted wind and string instruments. The tour explores the history and architecture of the former winery and we will enjoy a cup of honey wine. Back at Fira Town there is free time to shop and explore on your own. The cable car ticket is included. MUSIC, MYTHS AND HISTORY AUTHENTIC ENCOUNTERS EXPERIENCES JUST FOR YOU AND A FEW - FOR 9-14 GUESTS 32 SANTORINI EXCURSIONS ADULT €119



35 Duration: Half day Tour code: ATH - 101 A walk with us through the very heart of Athens brings us to one of most recognisable, historic and most photographed sites in the world, the famous Acropolis with the Parthenon at its summit. It is a reminder of Ancient Greece’s powerful civilisation and the greatest architectural complex bequeathed by Greek Antiquity. The monuments on the Acropolis (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) have survived for almost 25 centuries. On this hill that still dominates Athens, democracy and philosophy were born so it is little wonder that a visit to Classical Athens is quite simply awe-inspiring. The Parthenon is dedicated to the goddess Athena, protector of the city. At the foot of the Acropolis and its ancient temples lies the oldest neighbourhood of Athens, Plaka. Visitors are mesmerised and charmed by its beautiful houses, cobblestone streets and tiny shops, architecture, elegant atmosphere and neo-classical colours and the well preserved gardens and Byzantine churches. ATHENS MONUMENTS AND THE ACROPOLIS As we head away from the Acropolis and Plaka, we pass the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in front of the Parliament with the familiar sentries or Evzones, synonymous with the city. No visit to Athens can be complete without a stop at the Panathenaic Stadium where the first modern Olympic Games were held in 1896. We also see the ‘Trilogy of Athens’ which comprises the University of Athens, National Library and the Academy of Athens. Our three hour odyssey through ancient history ends appropriately at the Squares of Omonia and Syntagma, the very centre of modern day Athens. Panathenaic Stadium Acropolis ATHENS EXCURSIONS ADULT €84

Duration: Half day Tour code: ATH - 103 A visit to the central of Athens and a walk on the historical hill of the Acropolis which carries the renowned Parthenon atop its shoulders, which is dedicated to the goddess Athena, protector of the city of Athens. Its inauguration took place in 438 B.C. at the Great Panathenaea. Below the Acropolis hill lies the oldest neighbourhood of Athens, Plaka. Plaka resembles a picturesque little village within a busy big city. You will be mesmerized by the beauty of the houses with neoclassic colours, the architecture, the well-preserved gardens and Byzantine churches, the elegance and the atmosphere of the whole area. Leaving the historical hill of Acropolis, you will pass by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in front of the Greek Parliament Building. A stop at the Panathenaic Stadium, where the first modern Olympic Games were held in 1896, is necessary. Next follows the stylish “Trilogy of Athens”, which was constructed at the end of the 19th century: the old building of the University of Athens, the National Library and the Academy of Athens. The excursion comes to an end with a trip through the Squares of Omonia and Syntagma, the heart of modern Athens. CLASSICAL ATHENS AND ITS MONUMENTS Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Parthenon Plaka 36 ATHENS EXCURSIONS CHILD €59 ADULT €75

Duration: Half day Tour code: ATH - 107 We head to central Athens for a panoramic tour of the city named after the goddess of wisdom and warfare. First we see the magnificent Temple of Zeus, standing at the south east of the Acropolis. The Temple is dedicated to the father of the 12 gods. We continue past the Greek Parliament to the Panathenaic Stadium which staged the first modern Olympic Games in 1896. We arrive at the “Trilogy of Athens”: three 19th century buildings, influenced by classical architecture, on Panepistimiou Street. A trip through Omonia Square and Syntagma Square, the epicentre of modern Athens, will bring us to the beautiful, picturesque preserved quarter of Plaka, beneath the Acropolis. Our final destination is the modern, bright and imposing Acropolis Museum. Opened in 2009 and on multiple levels, it houses a whole host of exhibits of classical antiquity and is thematic. It’s the perfect way to draw everything together and give context to the wonderful structures you have just seen. At the end of our journey we hope you will have a full appreciation of the glories of classical Athens and a sense of one of the most historically important capitals in the world. ATHENS TOUR AND THE NEW ACROPOLIS MUSEUM Acropolis New Acropolis Museum The Hellenic Parliament building in Syntagma Square 37 CHILD €59 ADULT €84

Duration: Half day Tour code: ATH - 106 The 30 minute trip is enchanting, with images full of nature and pine-trees. The Temple of Poseidon awaits you, dedicated to the god of the sea. This is the southernmost and highest point of the cape and the monument looks like it is washed by the Aegean on all sides. The construction of the Temple was initially commenced at the beginning of the 5th century B.C. Yet, it was destroyed by the Persians during the Persian Wars and so the Athenians built, in 444 B.C., the newer Temple, parts of which are preserved until today. The Temple is of Doric order and bore a frieze with relief decoration while it was also adorned by immense statues called Kouroi. The archaeological site of Sounion, apart from the Sanctuaries of Poseidon and Athena, includes the fortress, a small settlement from the Hellenistic era, the propylaea (entrance gateway) and the porticoes. ANCIENT TEMPLE OF POSEIDON AND CAPE SOUNION Cape Sounion Temple of Poseidon 38 ATHENS EXCURSIONS CHILD €59 ADULT €84


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