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AUTHENTIC ENCOUNTERS EXPERIENCES JUST FOR YOU AND A FEW WHY BOOK A CELESTYAL EXCURSION Although we say it ourselves, the destinations on a Celestyal cruise are rather special. Call us biased but we think they are among the most exciting, beautiful, historic, iconic and evocative in the world. So a very warm welcome to our Idyllic Aegean excursions. Joining us on the seven night itinerary, you will be immersed in the most fabulous experiences living and breathing the myths and legends of Ancient Greece, discovering long past civilisations, following in the footsteps of great figures from history and seeing some of the most wondrous scenery on the planet. From classical Athens to beautiful Mykonos, Thessaloniki awe-inspiring Ephesus, Milos, Crete and stunning Santorini. You will be amazed at what we can see and do in a week. We like to feel that we are taking you on your very own Greek Odyssey across the Aegean. And nobody knows the Eastern Mediterranean and the Greek Islands better than we do. You can be sure of that. Whether the history and culture is your thing or you are more about the outstanding natural beauty, the magnificent beaches or indeed the whole experience wrapped up together, we have something to match. Our specially designed excursions are central to your Celestyal experience with our expert guides taking you step by step through your voyage of discovery and really bringing our destinations alive. Sometimes in history it’s not easy to work out where facts end and legends begin. So please fire up your imagination and join us to find out. We really mean it when we say every moment is a destination and ‘every destination is a wonder’. Short or no walking involved. Easy walking: General walking over an even surface. Moderate walking: Moderate amount of physical activity such as walking over uneven surfaces and climbing stairs. Might not be recommended for guests with walking difficulties. Hard walking: High amount of physical activity for extended periods of time. Recommended only for sporting guests with good physical health. Includes visits to religious sites, knees and shoulders must be covered. It is recommended to bring your swimming suit and a towel. Shopping with an experienced guide. Meal included on this excursion. Refreshments included on this excursion. Please be advised it is recommended that you take a bottle of water for your journey. Panoramic, nature, landscapes. Cultural experience: This tour will feature art, architecture, history and religion. Folklore: We focus on local habits, traditions, food and tasting. Adventure and fun. Suitable for families travelling with children. GUIDE TO SYMBOLS 04 Thessaloniki 12 Kusadasi 20 Heraklion 28 Santorini 38 Mykonos 48 Milos 58 Athens CONTENTS Pre book and cancellation period is up to two weeks prior to embarkation date. Our Authentic excursions require a minimum participation, noted on each excursion page. Half day - up to 5 hours Full day - 6 hours and above All timings and order of visits are subject to change depending on traffic congestion of the sites and weather conditions. Operation of tours may be subject to the time of the year - please check at time of booking. Normal excursions require a minimum participation as per terms and conditions. Please be aware of the dress code in order to enter the monasteries; legs and shoulders should be covered, no shorts, long skirts (below the knee). Terms and conditions are available at: www.celestyalcruises.com/shorex-conditions AUTHENTIC ENCOUNTERS EXPERIENCES JUST FOR YOU AND A FEW