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Duration: Half day - LIMITED AVAILABILITY Tour code: HER-09 A rich flavour of Crete this tour certainly is. It will stimulate your senses and leave you with enduring memories of the most wonderful tastes and smells. Close your eyes long after you have returned home and those aromas will come drifting back to remind you of a unique Cretan experience. The island’s cuisine is famous - some say miraculous. Our expert guides are true food lovers and wine connoisseurs, so you will be in the best possible hands. With them you will discover some of Heraklion’s wonderful hidden gems to sample the very best of Mediterranean cuisine. At nine different places you will enjoy a flavour of what’s on offer. Original Cretan herbal tea with thyme-infused honey, a variety of cheeses, olives, Greek custard pie with phyllo, delicious meze dishes paired with local wine and Cretan raki, as well as street food, all the while admiring the stunning scenery. Tasting the very best of Crete is interwoven with a tour of the historic monuments of Heraklion immersing you in the capital’s fascinating history. The ancient city of Knossos ‘gave birth’ to the very first civilisation of Europe, the Minoans. The Minotaur, half man, half bull lived in the Labyrinth and was slain by Theseus. But that’s another story, one of many. Cretan food is renowned across the globe as the original Mediterranean Diet, perhaps the world’s healthiest, abundant in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and olive oil. It features fish and poultry - lean sources of protein - over red meat. It has well-being at its heart and reflects Crete’s rich diversity in landscape and plant life producing an amazing array of aromas and flavour. It has inspired menus across Europe and beyond. Historically Cretans have only eaten what their land produced. Now it’s your turn. There’s so much food for thought. This is truly a unique, unforgettable and sensory experience. Who knows, it might even change your life. HERAKLION FOOD ON FOOT AUTHENTIC ENCOUNTERS EXPERIENCES JUST FOR YOU AND A FEW - FOR 9-15 GUESTS 26 HERAKLION EXCURSIONS ADULT €129