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Duration: Half day - LIMITED AVAILABILITY Tour code: MIL - 12 This is an authentic taste of the island of lovers featuring wonderful flavours to bring your taste buds alive in an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Milos is the southernmost island in the Cyclades and we will be sampling the best of local cuisine on the move, in a tour designed to stimulate and excite the senses. Trek to the heart and soul of Milos and sample its gastronomy, a delightful and delicious combination of very traditional fare and the up to the moment, with modern restaurants offering the finest dishes but staying true to local ways of doing things. The two things sit side by side very comfortably. Just some of the delicacies on our menu are the local vegetarian pizza (Ladenia) in Adamas, watermelon pie (Karpouzopita) in Plaka and in Pollonia, dessert (Koufeto) made from honey, pumpkin and almonds at one of the renowned family run pastry shops. Here we will also visit a local cave winery to sample the local specialities and then a family owned establishment producing cheese and other produce. This is the chance to experience the most mouthwatering delicacies of Milos and drop by some of its renowned restaurants, all the while soaking up the unique atmosphere of the island as we go. Its beauty is astounding, with turquoise bays, stunning beaches, crystal clear waters, romantic atmosphere and the most enchanting towns and villages. Not bad for an island flung out of the sea by a volcanic eruption a few million years ago. And all this on top of the wonderful food. The memories are just waiting to be made on Milos. MILOS FOOD ON FOOT Karpouzopita (the watermelon pie) Ladenia (the local vegetarian pizza) 55 AUTHENTIC ENCOUNTERS EXPERIENCES JUST FOR YOU AND A FEW - FOR 15-20 GUESTS MILOS EXCURSIONS ADULT €129