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Crete (Heraklion) Enjoy the calm of the stunning seafront, explore the Cretan countryside or discover the Palace of Knossos. Was the minotaur half-man or myth? You’re about to find out. Enjoy the calm of the stunning seafront, explore the Cretan countryside or discover the Palace of Knossos. Don’t be fooled by the imposing 16th-century walls of Koules Fortress— Heraklion is a charming Aegean paradise. Corfu Welcome to one of the most diverse, verdant and fascinating Greek islands, the seventh largest and the setting of several myths and legends. It is on Corfu’s shores where Odysseus was shipwrecked and sent on his way, and where the god of the sea, Poseidon, is said to have settled. Corfu Town is cosmopolitan, charming and friendly. You can easily lose yourself here as you explore the narrow alleyways, soak up the atmosphere and meet the locals at one of the many cafes, bars and restaurants. You may be surprised by the Italian feel, largely thanks to the Venetian architecture, but you’ll feel right at home with the Greek warm welcome. 54 Your destinations Dikili The best way to greet Dikili is from the sea as the turquoise waters give way to a vision of golden sandy beaches at the edge of a beautiful bay, and the promise of enchanted green landscapes just beyond. Dikili is one of the traditional Holiday destinations of the large Turkish port city of Izmir and makes for an idyllic summertime pause for its small villages, fish restaurants, and scenic landscapes that the seaside village of Bademli to the south and a bit inland thermal springs and a waterfall at Nebiler, on the Kemente Plateau. Don’t miss the chance to venture away from this gorgeous stretch of the coast because Dikili is also the springboard to the glorious ruins of Pergamon, one of the most beautiful and significant of the ancient Greek cities of Asia Minor and today a UNESCO World Heritage site. Pergamon is home to some of the most evocative archaeological sites, not just in Turkey but in the entire Mediterranean world. About Onboard Packages Greece & Med Arabian Gulf Destinations Our Ships How to book