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Thessaloniki “There is a homeland for everyone, while there is Thessaloniki,” wrote Nikiforos Choumnos, a 14th-century Byzantine dignitary and scholar. And he was right; Thessaloniki is a gorgeous and cosmopolitan seaside city and the largest in Greece after Athens. This historic capital of the Macedonia region was founded in 315 BC by the Macedonian king Cassander and named after his wife who was a half-sister of Alexander the Great. This is the city that in the days of Philip II of Macedon would steal Athens’ thunder. It’s relatively flat but there are simply mountains of history: Roman and Byzantine ruins, early Christian heritage (the Apostle Paul brought the first message of Christianity here in 50 BC), Pontic Greeks and Armenians, remnants of Venetian and Ottoman rule and perhaps most movingly, a remarkable Jewish history too. Centuries of cultural commingling has also made Thessaloniki a culinary nirvana, with almost too many great restaurants and little eateries to count. Split Split is the second-largest city in Croatia, a coastal metropolis that blends ancient history with modern life. It was founded over 2,000 years ago, and became an important settlement in Roman times. At the heart of Split is Diocletian’s Palace, built for the Roman emperor at the turn of the 4th century and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The palace covered around 11,500 square miles; it wasn’t just an imperial residence but a military garrison. Over the centuries, it slowly grew and turned into a town. But the wellpreserved ancient columns, courtyards and cavernous cellars still remain, offering a fascinating glimpse into Roman life. Today they’re filled with buzzing cafes and bars, lively markets and an array of shops. 63 Your destinations About Onboard Packages Greece & Med Arabian Gulf Destinations Our Ships How to book