Signature Enjoy irresistible ice creams, dreamy deserts and freshly made juices as you stargaze your way across the Mediterranean.

Fresh Juices Small or large glass Orange Juice €3.75 | €6.25 A zesty orange juice to kick those taste buds into action. Mixed Juice €4.00 | €7.00 A regenerating blend of tropical tastes, including kiwi, watermelon, pomegranate, banana and pineapple. Restore Juice €4.50 | €7.00 Restore your body with fruity goodness. Contains apple, pomegranate, orange, strawberries and parsley. Gym Junkie €4.50 | €7.00 A delicious and healthy juice to nourish your body. Includes avocado, banana, soy milk, low fat yogurt and apple. Tropical Fruit Juice €4.50 | €7.00 Tropical fruits to keep you going from sunrise to sunset. Contains a mix of kiwis, pineapple and green apple to tingle your taste buds. Detox Juice €4.50 | €7.00 Help your body to relax and unwind with a detoxing juice containing apple, pineapple, carrot and ginger. Purifying Juice €4.50 | €7.00 Boost your day with a light and refreshing juice packed full of orange, beetroot, carrot, ginger and mint. Energizer Juice €4.50 | €7.00 Push your energy levels with an energizing blend of orange, banana, celery, pineapple and apple.

ADD-ONS Smoothies Coconut Crush €8.00 A light smoothie to refresh and revive you. Made with tropical-tasting coconut and pineapple. Raspberry Heaven €8.00 A rare fruit smoothie that always goes down a treat. A healthy juice made with pear, raspberry, blueberry, mango and apple juice. Passion Storm €8.00 Delve into a blend of tropical tastes. Peach, pineapple, papaya, passion fruit, guava and aloe vera all thrown together to create a beautifully colorful smoothie. Tropical Carrot €8.00 Feed your body with a healthy dose of sunshine nourishing. This shake mixes soy milk, mango juice, coconut cream, honey, tropical carrot, coconut flakes, blackberry, almond flakes and raspberry with a mint sprig garnish. Green Machine €8.00 A true health bomb, this green reviver blends, almond milk, mango juice, Greek yogurt, honey, pomegranate seeds, raspberry, lemon and mint to give your skin a healthy glow. Acai Kick €8.00 This organic smoothie packs an energy kick that keeps you going all day. It’s made with soy milk, cranberry juice, vanilla yogurt and honey. Ginger Beet €8.00 The perfect way to get your fruit and veggies in and boost your energy. Soy milk, pineapple juice, coconut cream, honey, ginger beets and raspberry. Berry Burst €8.00 Boost your day with a mega dose of fruit and vegetables, including soy milk, cranberry juice, vanilla yogurt, honey, berries and a kiwi slice. Spirulina €1.30 Matcha € 1.50 Milk of your choice €0.50 Almond butter €0.75 Aloe vera €1.00 Goji berry €1.00 Cacao nibs €0.75 Pupmkin seeds €0.75 Chia seeds €0.75 Hemp seeds €0.75 Peanut butter €0.75

Super Food Smoothies Blue Spirulina Smoothie €8.50 Blue spirulina, pineapple fruit, apple, pear, honey, soya milk and ice. Pink Pitaya €8.50 Pink Pitaya, banana, red apple, soya milk, honey. HIGH PROTEIN SMOOTHIES Are u nuts? €8.50 Choco protein powder, peanut, coconut milk and almond milk, garnished with dry orange, dry banana and chocolate. Hakuna Banana €8.50 Banana protein, fresh banana, frozen pineapple, coconut milk and almond milk, garnished with fresh banana, pistachio nuts and almond nuts.

Chocolate Drinks HOT OR COLD CHOCOLATE DRINKS BY JEAN LAB CREAMY CHOCOLATE JEAN LAB - HOT Bueno and Biscuit Hot Chocolate €5.75 Black Forest and Passion Fruit Hot Chocolate €5.75 Banoffee Hot Chocolate €5.75 Mastiha White Hot Chocolate €5.75 Creamy Hot Cocoa €4.50 White Hot Chocolate €4.50 CREAMY CHOCOLATE JEAN LAB - COLD Bueno and Biscuit Cold Chocolate €6.00 Black Forest and Passion Fruit Cold Chocolate €6.00 Banoffee Cold Chocolate €6.00 Mastiha White Cold Chocolate €6.00

Matcha Corner Matcha Tea €7.00 Your traditional tea, but with an extra scoop of matcha goodness. Matcha Iced Tea €8.00 A refreshing iced tea to cool you down from the heat of the Greek summer. Served with stevia sugar, fresh lemon wheel, rosemary and honey. Matcha Capuccino €8.50 Enjoy your Matcha Capuccino with skimmed milk or almond milk, with the added option of agave syrup. Iced Matcha Green Latte €8.50 A cool and milky matcha latte for those long Mediterranean summers. It contains one tablespoon of matcha, skimmed milk, honey, fresh lemon wheel, fresh blackberry and rosemary. Matcha Ice Coffee €9.00 Enjoy a cooling iced coffee with a green twist, combining hazelnut syrup, matcha, skimmed milk, fresh lemon wheel and rosemary, rounded with a delicious shot of espresso. Banana Matcha Smoothie €9.00 A banana smoothie with a sweet pineapple kick. Made by blending matcha, skimmed milk and vanilla yogurt, adding banana and sweeteners until it hits the spot. Matcha Fruit Smoothie €9.00 A healthy and refreshing fruit smoothie. This is a blend of yogurt, frozen berries, honey, matcha, apple juice, stevia and cacao nibs.

Herbal Infusions TEA BY JEAN LAB - AUTHENTIC FLAVORS AND UNIQUE TEA English Breakfast €4.50 Black tea. Matcha Mix €4.50 Green tea, green mate, lemongrass, matcha. Fit & Slim Mate Tea €4.50 Hibiscus, green mate nettle leaves, lemongrass. Green Tea €4.50 Mon Cheri, Fruit Blend €4.50 Apple, pear, orange, guava, apricot. Red Passion, Fruit Blend €4.50 Apple, hibiscus, cranberries, liquorice root. White Life Chamomile €4.50 Purple Diamond Fruit Blend €4.50 Apple, mango rose, blue butterfly pea flowers. Ginger & Lemon Green Tea €4.50 Green tea, ginger, lemongrass, sunflower blossom. Viennese Waltz Black Tea €4.50 Black tea, nougat bits (almonds and honey cocoa butter). Blue Night Fruit Blend €4.50 Apple, lemongrass, rose, pineapple, coconut, blue butterfly pea flowers.

GUILTY PLEASURES M&M’s Mocha Milkshake €8.00 Our heavenly mocha shake is a chocolate lover’s dream. It’s M&M’s mixed with chocolate ice cream, milk and whipped cream. Cookies and Cream €8.00 A thick and creamy milkshake blending Oreos, stracciatella ice cream, milk, chocolate chips and whipped cream. Bounty Bar Blender €8.00 Enjoy Bounty bar goodness mixed together with vanilla ice cream, milk, coconut, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. Bueno and Macarons €8.00 One for the Kinder Bueno lovers. Try a milkshake containing Bueno bars, tiramisu ice cream, milk and whipped cream, all topped off with chocolate flakes. Marshmallow and Candy Shake €8.00 This sugary blast combines marshmallows and jellies, strawberry ice cream, milk, whipped cream and sprinkles. Banoffee Classic - NEW €8.00 New classic banoffee milkshake. Enjoy bananas, vanilla ice cream, grated dark chocolate, caramel sauce and crunchy pretzels on top. Signature Milkshakes

Ice Cream WAFFLE DREAM Bubble Waffle Sensational Strawberry €8.50 Fresh strawberry pieces with milk and salted caramel sauces, served with nuts and caramel sauce. Bubble Waffle Kinder Bueno €8.50 Ice cream, vanilla pastry cream, Οreo crumbles, Κinder Bueno, Oreo cookies, pistachio and chocolate sauce. Bubble Waffle Salted Caramel Ice Cream €8.50 Waffles with chocolate, a scoop of salted caramel ice cream, raspberries and topped with strawberry syrup. Banana Nutella Ice Cream Crepe Madness €8.50 Crepes, salted caramel syrup, banana, Nutella, whipped cream, mini chocolate crisp earls, hazelnut crumbles and two scoops of ice cream. Orange Explosion Lava Cake €8.50 Orange soufflé, two ice cream scoops, capprise, strawberries, chocolate syrup and raspberries. Garnished with fresh seasonal berry fruits, chocolate and salted almond caramel sauce. Chocolate Lava Souffle Cake €8.50 Chocolate lava souffle, two ice cream scoops, Caprise, chocolate syrup, raspberries and our famous warm lava cake with vanilla ice-cream. A luscious chocolate cake that has oozing melted chocolate lava in the middle. Caramel Orange Souffle Cake €8.50 Caramel, orange souffle, two ice cream scoops, Caprise, strawberries, chocolate syrup and raspberries. Our famous lava cake with vanilla ice cream. A luscious chocolate cake that has oozing melted caramel lava in the middle. Sorbet Trilogy €8.50 A delicious combination of our favorite gelato flavours: strawberry, mango and lemon topped with seasonal fresh fruits. Cookies And Ice Cream Pizza €8.50 Crepes with Nutella, strawberries, three scoops of ice cream, chocolate syrup, Oreo cookies, marshmallows, white chocolate drops and whipped cream - then drizzled with chocolate.

Brownie With Ice Cream €8.50 Warm chocolate brownie served with two scoops of ice cream, chocolate Oreos, chocolate syrup, a fresh raspberry garnish and a dehydrated slice of orange. Gourmet Karidopita €8.50 Traditional Karidopita Greek desserts: chocolate with walnuts, two scoops of ice cream, a Caprice stick, chocolate and a slice of orange. Pancakes Dream €8.50 Our signature pancakes with banana slices, strawberries, Nutella, strawberry syrup, mint leaves, maple syrup and your choice of ice cream. Double Caramel Chocolate Fudge Brownie Sundae €8.50 Rich triple chocolate brownie topped with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, caramel sauce, walnuts, chocolate drops, caprice stick and triangular chocolate decor. Choose your favorite flavors and make your own ice cream 1st scoop €2.30 - Each Extra Scoop €1.95 Classic flavors: Vanilla • strawberry • stracciatella • tiramisu • cream and cookies. Delights: Pavlova • crème brûlée • black forest. Chocolate lovers: Chocolate and white chocolate with hazelnut. Sorbets: Strawberry • lemon and mango. Syrup: Chocolate, Caramel • Strawberry • Butterscotch Nuts: Almonds • Pistachios Biscuit: Butter • Digestive • Oreo Candies: Marshmallow • Caprice • M&M’s Others: Honey • Salted caramel • Butter caramel • Pudding Sauce: Whipped cream • Maple syrup • White chocolate Mini marshmallows, twisted chocolate sticks (dark/white), hazelnut croquant crumbles and chocolate décor.

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