Pre-departure Information - Celestyal Cruises

20 Guests with disabilities or impaired mobility If you have a mobility impairment, at the time of booking we kindly request that you provide us with full and detailed information in connection to your disability. If we believe there might be a safety issue for you or for your travelling companion, Celestyal Cruises reserves the right to advise that the guest with health or mobility impairments must have the assistance of a person who will be responsible for and take charge of all of this guest’s needs and requirements. If you or your travelling companion requires personal, individual care or supervision, this must be organized by you or your travelling companion at your cost. No Celestyal Cruises ship or staff or crew member can provide specific care or supervision to anyone, nor can we provide any form of medical care for a physical or psychiatric condition. If you or the person with whom you are sharing your stateroom must use any special medical equipment during your cruise, you must notify us before you book your cruise, so we can be certain we are in a position to ensure the safe transportation and storage of this equipment (with the condition that it fits in your stateroom). This also applies to those travelling with a specially-trained guide or aid dog. If you are travelling with a guide dog, kindly note that all documentation must be sent to our Passenger Service Department by email at [email protected] at the time of booking, to ensure that there will be no issues in any of the ports visited. We have a limited number of staterooms suitable for people with disabilities or whose mobility is impaired, and not all areas of our ships are accessible to these guests or equipped for them. Given these restrictions, bookings for such guests are dependent upon the availability of suitable on-board lodging. The assistance of an able bodied person capable of caring for the guest with limited mobility throughout the selected cruise is necessary. Incurring cost is on the guest’s account. Guests using a wheelchair must bring bring his/her own normal size wheelchair. Celestyal Cruises only carries wheelchairs for emergencies on its vessels. Celestyal Cruises is not required or obliged to organize alternative activities on board or on shore for guests with disabilities or whose mobility is impaired. Celestyal Cruises does not bear responsibility for the partial or complete inability of Contact email: [email protected] Important information