Pre-departure Information - Celestyal Cruises

22 GENERAL INFORMATION & BOARDING DAY PREPAREDNESS 1. Who is eligible to book a cruise with Celestyal Cruises? Guests of all nationalities and residencies are eligible to book. Guests are responsible for ensuring full compliance with required measures to enter the country of embarkation. COVID 19 PROTOCOLS On all our itineraries, COVID-19 protocols require pre embarkation health questionnaire to be completed by all guests. Vaccination against covid-19 and pre-embarkation testing for COVID-19 are highly recommended. The use of mask is not required in our cruises, however as the situation is dynamic, local authorities may impose additional requirements until your cruise date. Kindly check our web site for updated information. EMBARKATION TERMINAL EXPERIENCE 2. Can a guest join the ship at a future port of call? Guests who would be unable to join the ship on the first day may join in one of the intermediate ports providing that that this has been agreed with the company. 3. Will a separate check-in and lounge area be available for Suite guests? A separate check in flow in the terminal for suite guests and for guests who have performed the on line check in will be available. Regretfully no separate lounge is available in the terminal of Piraeus and Lavrio. 4. Are there any luggage recommendations or restrictions? Luggage will be dropped off and picked up at the port terminal. This procedure is handled by the local porters until the ship’s gangway, then by ship’s personnel . Please ensure that luggage is clearly labelled and bears the luggage tags provided by the company. 5. What if a guest is not feeling well in the days leading up to their cruise? If feeling ill leading up to the cruise departure date, it’s recommended that the guest does not travel, and, in turn, contact us or their travel agency to reschedule. 6. Can I get off the ship on my own? Guests are free to visit the sites on their own at their leisure. 7. Will the crew be vaccinated? All crew members will be fully vaccinated and in addition will undergo regular testing. 8. Disembarkation procedure in the intermediate ports of call and specifically in Santorini (Tendering, cable car capacity) In tendering ports where local tenders are used for disembarkation and embarkation (Santorini, Patmos, Mykonos and Milos), the specific protocols of the Hellenic Ministry of Health are in force. ABOUT TRAVEL INSURANCE 9. Do I have to have travel insurance to take the cruise? COVID-19 medical, cancellation and travel insurance is strongly recommended for both your cruise and entire trip, from the time you leave home until the time you return, either bought from Celestyal Cruises or another insurance provider. 10. If I have insurance from another provider, how can I check that the insurance covers COVID-19 risks? Guests should both contact their insurance provider, as well as ensure they are fully familiar with their policy coverage ahead of travel commencing. If you have bought your policy from Celestyal Cruises, please consult either your travel agent or Celestyal Cruises for clarification of coverage. We have a number of policy options available offering various levels of coverage. 11. Do I need to carry a copy of my insurance policy on the cruise? Yes, it’s always recommended to carry with you in either digital or hard copy format your travel insurance in case of requirement to make a claim. 12. What will happen if I do not have the insurance documentation with me. Will I be able to embark? We strongly recommend that you carry those documents with you in the eventuality that you are asked to present these or have to make a claim. That said, as travel insurance is strongly recommended and not mandatory, you will not be required to present proof in order to embark your cruise. ON BOARD EXPERIENCE y Celestyal vessels are equipped with upgraded technologies to eliminate cross contamination as indicated by the Protocols of EU Healthy Gateways/Ship Sanitation (Equivalent to CDC). y Ventilation system using 100% outside fresh air, with no air recirculation y HEPA filtration systems used for ventilation in key areas such as medical centers and dedicated isolation rooms. y ATMOS disinfection in ventilation systems of all public areas. 13. What are the Celestyal Cruises’ enhanced medical measures? A team of suitably trained medical staff have been added to the existing qualified doctors and nurses on board who have experience in caring for a broad range of medical conditions. Enhanced shipboard medical centre with critical care capabilities and modified for infection control best practices. Contact email: [email protected] Frequently asked questions