Pre-departure Information - Celestyal Cruises

23 Ongoing training and education of shipboard medical staff in the latest clinical care practices for managing COVID-19. COVID-19 PCR and Rapid Antigen testing capabilities are available on board at extra cost, allowing for effective and fast response. 14. Will buffet service be available? All self-service buffets will be accessible. 15. Will room service be available? Room service will still be available for your convenience. 16. Spa and pools, will they be in use? Spa and pools will be in use for the enjoyment of our guests. Please check for opening hours in your daily program of activities. 17. Will the kids zone be operated? Kid’s zone will be operated as usual under the supervision of our experienced staff. Please check for opening hours in your daily program of activities. 18. Is the use of masks compulsory on board during the cruise? The use of a mask is not compulsory however it is recommended in all indoor areas and in all crowded indoor and outdoor spaces. MEDICAL CARE ON BOARD 19. What do I do if I feel unwell during the cruise with COVID like symptoms? If a guest feels unwell, they should immediately call the Guest Information Desk from their stateroom so they can be evaluated by medical staff through an in-stateroom visit. If required, COVID-19 tests can be conducted onboard, allowing for prompt, accurate onsite results, alongside a multitude of other evaluative tests/measures. This is one-ofmany enhanced capabilities of our medical facility where more doctors and nurses have been added, equipment upgraded, and a dedicated Controlled Care Centre to help contain infectious guests or crew while care is administered, away from general medical areas. 20. What is the response plan for a positive COVID-19 test on board? In accordance with the current legislation, COVID-19 positive individuals will be isolated and a health declaration must be submitted to the health authorities. Tracing and quarantining of the high risk close contacts will be carried out. Any subsequent actions will be in co-operation with and under the instructions of the local health authorities. 21. If a guest is moved to isolation, what care and amenities will be available? Medical follow up and care required for the individuals isolated as COVID-19 positive cases will be offered and service will be given by dedicated, trained and suitably equipped staff. Contact email: [email protected] 22. How is the medical centre equipped to handle a possible COVID-19 case? Our medical centres have been enhanced with additional medical staff and emergency care equipment (such as ventilators or critical care capable beds). 23. What is the cost for onboard medical care and testing for COVID-19 related concern? On board COVID-19 evaluation and testing that is performed as a recommendation of the onboard medical team is free of charge, as well as COVID-19 related medical treatment provided while on board. GROUP BUSINESS & ONBOARD EVENTS 24. Can group leaders or other members of a group request early boarding? Currently early boarding is not available due to sharp turnaround on all itineraries. 25. Are groups able to bring materials and equipment onboard for use during the cruise? Groups can bring materials on board after agreement of the company according to clear description of the items. 26. Can accommodations be made at the port terminal to support the check-in process for an entire group? Check in process for an entire group is not feasible. Each guest must proceed individually to the check in counters together with all occupants of the same cabin. Staggered arrival at the port for groups must be finalised in advance with our Passenger service department at [email protected] Group leaders will be given a strict timing which must be respected. 27. Are hospitality / registration desks still permitted? Onboard hospitality/registration desks are not permitted. In the eventuality of such request on board the group leader will need to speak with our cruise director who will try to provide assistance depending on requests. 28. Will groups be allowed to bring outside gifts or goods for stateroom deliveries? Yes. Outside gifts/goods brought on board must be sealed in a bag. No food products will be accepted. Please consult with Passenger service department before bringing any items on board at [email protected] 29. Can dining seating be arranged for groups guests? Relevant request should be addressed to Celestyal group desk in advance of the cruise. The Maitre D. will do their best to accommodate the request within a section of the restaurant and confirmation will be given upon embarkation. 30. Are the onboard conference centres still accessible to host group meetings and events? Yes, all such requests must be made in advance to Celestyal’s group desk. Group meetings will be confirmed subject to availability.