Pre-departure Information - Celestyal Cruises

7 Contact email: pa[email protected] AT H E N S Piraeus Lavrio Embarkation ports item that may create a fire hazard. Matches and normal lighteners are allowed onboard. However “”torch lighters”” and novelty lighters that look like guns are not allowed onboard. Torch lighters emit a powerful concentrated flame, and therefore are prohibited. • Hoverboards • Martial Arts, Self Defense, and Sports Gear, including handcuffs, pepper spray, night sticks or baseball bats. • Flammable Liquids and Explosives, including lighter fluid and fireworks. • Hookahs & Water Hookah Pipes. • HAM Radios • Drones • Baby Monitors • Electrical Extension Cords • Dangerous Chemicals, including bleach and paint. • Perishable Food & Meat Products • Alcoholic Beverages. Guests who purchase alcohol bottles onboard or in a port-of-call, will have their items safely stored by the ship. These bottles will be returned on the last day onboard for enjoyment once home. PORT OF PIRAEUS Passenger Cruise Terminal A - Gate E 11 PORT OF LAVRIO Cruise Terminal - Ferry boat domain - Lavrio 19500 Please consult your e ticket for the applicable port and check-in hours to match your departure. To avoid congestion at the time of embarkation, we strongly recommend that you observe the embarkation times indicated on your cruise ticket. if you have performed your on line check in you will receive a specific embarkation timing . The same applies if you belong to a group, please follow the guidance of your group leader. As soon as you have dropped your luggage at our drop off desk, and if you have booked a suite, our staff will guide you to the priority embarkation line and a dedicated Celestyal Cruises Suite Concierge will be on hand to welcome you and arrange that your luggage is tagged and sent directly to your suite. Valuables, travelling documents and medication should always be carried in your hand luggage. For security reasons, all pieces of luggage will be subject to X ray safety checks before boarding. This service is available for stateroom categories as follows: Celestyal Crystal: SG, SB & S Celestyal Olympia: SG and SB If you have booked a regular stateroom, our staff will guide you to the regular embarkation line and ensure that your luggage has been tagged and is loaded on the conveyor belt for transportation to the vessel as per regular procedure. Valuables, Travelling documents and medication should always be carried in your hand luggage. For security reasons, all pieces of luggage will be subject to X ray safety checks before boarding. You will be able to recover your luggage in your cabin within a couple of hours. CHECK IN PROCESS During check in you will receive your personal boarding card (also called embarkation card) which you will use as a key for your stateroom as well as a debit and ID card throughout the cruise. You can make all on-board purchases using this card with the exception of the casino. Registration of your Credit Card will also be necessary in order to activate your on board account enabling you to make any purchases on board and experience spa services, beauty shop, duty free shops etc. We accept Visa and Master Cards as well as American Express and debit cards (as long as they are suitable for electronic transactions and they are not Maestro Debit cards). For those who do not have a valid credit or debit card to register, a cash deposit will be required to be made on embarkation day at the reception deck on board the vessel. For security reasons and for expediting our embarkation and disembarkation procedures at each port, the Purser’s office on board will proceed with formalities on behalf of all guests. For this reason, your passport or ID card may be kept at the Purser’s office if the vessel calls at port other than Greek ports. Travelling documents may be required to be presented to the local Authorities in the different countries included in your itinerary. If you travel on the Three Continents Cruise there may be more formalities required, which ask you to comply with additional regulations in each of the countries visited. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.