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Before you leave home Requirements to join your cruise 4 Boarding our ships 5 Travel documents and travel insurance 6 Embarkation ports Step 1: Luggage drop off 7 Step 2: Check-in process 7 Welcome onboard Your stateroom 8 Your Suite Concierge service 8 Electronic services Mobile App 9 WiFi 9 Mobile calls 9 Life onboard Currency 10 Your onboard account 10 The Daily Program 10 Celebrate the Moment 10 All inclusive Experience 11 Entertainment day and night 12 Formal evening 12 Relax by the pool 12 Spa 12 Your health and wellbeing 13 Photography 13 Duty free shopping 13 Smoking policy 13 What to wear Dressing for our Shore Excursions 14 Afternoons 14 Evening wear 14 Dress up 14 Footwear 15 Accessories 15 Shore Excursions Making memories 16 Guidelines 17 Settling your onboard account Balance of your account 18 Important information Medical treatment 19 Pregnancy and infants 19 Guests with disabilities 20 Time to say goodbye 21 Frequently asked questions 22 Ship contact telephone numbers 24 Contents

4 4 Contact email: [email protected] Current requirements & Step-by-Step guide to boarding our ships Travelling into Greece We recommend that you check entry requirements in regards to travel from your place of origin. Requirements to enter the country may differ from one country to another. Travel Insurance Travel insurance is strongly recommended for both your cruise and entire trip, from the time you leave home until the time you return. We have put together a simple guide to help you understand what is required for you to embark your cruise from Greece hassle free. Please read the below information carefully and note that the requirements to join a cruise ship differ from that of the Greek government entry requirements. If you have any questions arising from this document please contact our customer service team.

5 Once you have dropped your luggage, you are clear to proceed into the terminal and carry out your check-in with our embarkation team. Here you will present your passport, this will be exchanged with your boarding pass which must stay with you throughout the cruise. Your boarding pass acts as your passport when visiting ports, as your personal identification card onboard, as your stateroom key and also your on board charge card for purchases. If you have booked a suite, SG, SB,on Celestyal Olympia and SP and SG on Celestyal Journey, please contact our land staff who will ensure that check in is done swiftly. A specific line will be reserved for those of you who have already completed the online check in where our staff will assist you promptly. Your passport may be kept by the ship’s purser to clear immigration if required and returned to you the night before the end of your cruise. You will be asked to register a credit or a debit card against your stateroom or suite, to allow purchases of any extras on board. Please note: cash is not accepted on board in any of our bars, restaurants or shops. Instead all purchases are charged to your account and settled at the end of your cruise. In case you require assistance with a wheelchair please contact our land staff. You will need to present your e-ticket, passport, visa (if applicable), and the public health questionnaire downloadable here. The health questionnaire should be completed not earlier than 24hrs prior to the cruise departure and handed in to the land staff at embarkation. Once you have successfully completed the document check you will then proceed to the luggage drop off point where your luggage will be tagged with your stateroom or suite number. Your luggage will be scanned for security reasons by the local port authorities and then it will be transferred to the vessel for further delivery to your stateroom by our crew members. 1 2 3 4 5 6 It is just a short walk or shuttle bus to the ships gangway. When entering the ship our security will scan your boarding card to register you are on the ship. Please note your boarding pass will be scanned every time you embark or disembark the ship. Please do not attempt to go ashore without your boarding pass, as you will be denied entry or exit. To comply with all safety regulations and ensure the highest safety standards are maintained, one guest drill and various crew drills and training exercises will be conducted during the cruise. A compulsory passengers’ muster will be held prior to departure. You will be required to wear your life jacket and to muster at your muster station where you will be given safety instructions and become familiar with your station. The time of the drill is notified in the daily program and will be communicated by an announcement over the public address system and the sounding of the emergency signal. Once you have completed your check-in you will proceed to security. Just like the airports you are required to put all your belongings you are carrying as hand luggage into a tray and pass them through the scanners. You will have to pass through the walk through metal scanners. If you have a medical condition which exempts you from passing through the scanners please advise the port security at the time and have any supporting medical certificates necessary to present. For items that are not allowed on board, please see page 6 “ What not to pack “. Document Check Luggage Drop-off Check-in Security Embark the ship Lifeboat/ Muster Drill on Day 1

6 Travel documents Travel Documents need to be valid for the duration of the cruise. You will need up to date identification cards or passports and Schengen visa with necessary number of entries depending on your nationality and on your itinerary. We recommend you travel with a passport that will still be valid at least six months past your cruise date. If you are travelling with a national ID card, please note that you can only enter Turkey as a citizen from one of the following countries: • Belgium • Germany • France • Italy • Lichtenstein • Luxembourg • Malta • The Netherlands This travel document information is not exhaustive and only intended as guidance - some terms may be changed by local authorities without our knowledge. We strongly suggest you double check before you travel by contacting the embassies of the countries you will visit during the cruise, to make sure you take the correct documents and visas nationality. US, Canadian and most European citizens do not require a visa to travel on our itineraries. Please be informed that if you do not have all the correct paperwork you are likely to be denied entrance/embarkation by the authorities and refunds are not available in the event of documentation being incomplete or invalid. If any minor is travelling with one parent only during the cruise, the written consent of the second parent is required on a document certified and notarially legalized by a public legal authority. If a minor is travelling without any of his/her parents escorting him/her during the cruise, the parental consent of each parent is required. This document will be required by the Greek Passport Control Authorities in the last port prior to any non- Schengen port (exit from Schengen territory). Passport Control Authorities reserve the right to ask passengers to interrupt their cruise or deny their boarding, if the parental consent is missing. Travel documents for three Continents cruise “In order to participate in this cruise, you must carry a valid passport that will still be valid for at least six Contact email: [email protected] months after your trip finishes. No identification cards (IDS) are accepted. Such as with the Schengen visa requirements for those nationalities requiring one, you need to check possible visa requirements for Egypt, Israel, Cyprus and Turkey. Contact the relevant local Embassies in your country of residence to do so. Travel insurance Guests are strongly advised to take out appropriate travel insurance for the entire duration of Guest’s holiday to cover Guests for inter alia against: loss and/or damage to luggage; delay, curtailment and/or cancellation of the holiday (whether by the company/ supplier or the guest), including for reasons due to COVID 19; illness, medical treatment (including without limitation for COVID 19); death or personal injury, repatriation. It is strongly recommended that guests ensure that the insurance policy covers them sufficiently from the time their holiday has been confirmed as booked to the end of their holiday. If you have not applied for your own travel insurance you may contact Alianz Global Assistance at the following details: 24 hour Claims Administration Centre: +30 210 99 26 926 Email: [email protected] What not to pack For security reasons, the following items and substances are strictly forbidden on board our ships. Any items found on guests or in luggage will be held by local authorities, who may proceed with further investigations. These items include: • Firearms & Ammunition, including replicas. • Sharp Objects, including all types of swords, knives and scissors. (Note: Personal grooming items such as safety razors are allowed. Scissors with blade length less than 4 inches are allowed.) • Illegal Drugs & Substances • Items that generate heat or produce an open flame. This includes candles, Incense, Coffee Makers, Clothes Irons, Travel Steamers & Hot Plates and any other item that may create a fire hazard. Matches and normal lighters are allowed onboard. However “”torch lighters”” and novelty lighters that look like guns are not allowed onboard. Torch lighters emit a powerful concentrated flame, and therefore are prohibited. • Portugal • Spain • Switzerland • Greece • Poland • Hungary • Bulgaria Before you leave home

7 Contact email: [email protected] ATHENS Piraeus Lavrio • Hoverboards • Martial Arts, Self Defense, and Sports Gear, including handcuffs, pepper spray, night sticks or baseball bats. • Flammable Liquids and Explosives, including lighter fluid and fireworks. • Hookahs & Water Hookah Pipes. • HAM Radios • Drones • Baby Monitors • Electrical Extension Cords • Dangerous Chemicals, including bleach and paint. • Perishable Food & Meat Products • Alcoholic Beverages. Guests who purchase alcohol bottles onboard or in a port-of-call, will have their items safely stored by the ship. These bottles will be returned on the last day onboard for enjoyment once home. Port of Piraeus Passenger Cruise Terminal A - Gate E 11 Port of Lavrio Cruise Terminal - Ferry boat domain - Lavrio 19500 Please consult your e ticket for the applicable port and check-in hours to match your departure. To avoid congestion at the time of embarkation, we strongly recommend that you observe the embarkation times indicated on your cruise ticket. if you have performed your online check-in you will receive an embarkation timing . The same applies if you belong to a group, please follow the guidance of your group leader. Upon arrival at the terminal, our embarkation staff will assist you with placing luggage tags on your luggage and will guide you to the drop off area. As soon as you have dropped your luggage, it will be loaded on the conveyor belt, If you have booked a suite, our staff will guide you to the priority embarkation line. This service is available for stateroom categories as follows: Celestyal Olympia: SG, SB Celestyal Journey: SP, SG If you have booked a standard stateroom or a Junior suite, our staff will guide you to the regular embarkation line. Your luggage will be tagged and be loaded on the conveyor belt for transportation to the vessel as per normal procedure. Valuables, travelling documents and medication should always be carried in your hand luggage. For security reasons, all pieces of luggage will be subject to x-ray scanning before boarding. You will be able to recover your luggage in your cabin within a couple of hours. Check in progress During check in you will receive your personal boarding card (also called embarkation card) which you will use as a key for your stateroom as well as a debit and ID card throughout the cruise. You can make all on-board purchases using this card with the exception of the casino. Registration of your Credit Card will also be necessary in order to activate your on board account enabling you to make any purchases on board and experience spa services, beauty shop, duty free shops etc. We accept Visa and Master Cards as well as American Express and debit cards (as long as they are suitable for electronic transactions and they are not Maestro Debit cards). For those who do not have a valid credit or debit card to register, a cash deposit will be required to be made on embarkation day at the reception deck on board the vessel. For security reasons and for expediting our embarkation and disembarkation procedures at each port, the Purser’s office on board will proceed with formalities on behalf of all guests. For this reason, your passport or ID card may be kept at the Purser’s office if the vessel calls at port other than Greek ports. Travelling documents may be required to be presented to the local Authorities in the different countries included in your itinerary. If you travel on the Three Continents Cruise, there may be more formalities required for which we ask you to comply in each of the countries visited. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Embarkation ports

8 Welcome onboard We are all ready to greet you with a very warm Celestyal welcome. Once on board, we invite you to relax in one of our lounges or on the outer decks with a copy of the daily programme until we can advise you that your stateroom is ready. It’s an opportunity to take in the atmosphere ahead of your unique cruise experience with us. Your stateroom All our staterooms have a personal attendant and assistant who are there to ensure you have a wonderful stay and everything in your room is perfect in terms of comfort and cleanliness. They will know you by name. The stateroom steward or stewardess and assistant will also be looking after you and be on hand to answer any questions or help with any request or service you require. This may be anything from the laundry or pressing service to arranging breakfast or a glass of champagne to be enjoyed in the privacy of your stateroom. All members of our dedicated housekeeping crew will do their utmost to make sure you have every possible comfort, offering a flawless, discreet, cheerful, polite and professional service throughout. Your Suite Concierge service* Your Suite Concierge is there to provide you with an exceptional service, helping with questions and queries, amenities, details of meal times, indeed anything you may wish to know. He or she can assist with unpacking your luggage or arrange for things like the complimentary pressing of clothes. While you relax in the comfort of your suite, your Concierge can organise complimentary room service for breakfast, lunch or dinner from the menu of the day. He or she can also arrange a private celebration, party or other occasion, make all dining room seating arrangements and book shore excursions and beauty salon treatments and appointments. * Suite Concierge Service bene ts are applicable to: Celestyal Journey: Grand Dream Suite (SG), Stargazer Suite (SP) Celestyal Olympia: Grand Suite (SG), Balcony Suite (SB) A warm welcome onboard Contact email: [email protected]

9 Contact email: [email protected] Mobile app All you need to know about your cruise right at your fingertips. Download our smartphone app free of charge now! Access valuable information about your trip. Review your daily program and look for activities, book your excursions, don’t miss our special offers, access your stateroom account. You can even download our port agents contact details when you are in need of assistance ashore. Available in the App Store and Google Play Store. WiFi WiFi Internet access is available at a charge. At times, users joining the on board WiFi network may experience delays or interruptions. Internet connectivity at sea relies on expensive satellite service by operators that specialize in marine communications and cannot be compared to ashore fixed networks in terms of reliability and cost. Consequently, Celestyal Cruises is currently unable to provide complimentary WiFi access. However, our rates have been carefully thought through, while taking all aspects into consideration. Celestyal Cruises remains committed in upgrading its guest experience by heavily investing in upgrading its communication infrastructure. Mobile calls We make arrangements so that you are always connected to your loved ones back home. This is why when the vessel is away from shore at a certain distance, a Cellular service is activated onboard, operated by an International satellite provider and the ship’s Satellite network. If your mobile device’s roaming is enabled, you will be connected automatically to MONACO TELECOM or 901-27. This service is only available while cruising beyond terrestrial coverage. You will be charged directly by your own network provider for any phone calls, messages or use of data whilst roaming on this network; these charges will be outlined by your network provider. We kindly invite you to read carefully any informative SMS sent to your attention by your home provider indicating usage retail pricing. In case of doubts and prior usage, please, contact your home provider or refrain from using your phone. Electronic services

10 Currency The currency used onboard is Euro. Major currencies can be exchanged for Euros at the Reception in limited amounts. Your onboard account Our vessels have a cashless system and all purchases on board are charged to your stateroom account. Cash can only be used in the casino. If you have not yet registered your credit card on day 1 and you wish to settle your account in cash, you should proceed to the reception and leave a deposit at the beginning of the cruise: we recommend 100 Euros for 3 night and 4 night Cruises and 200 Euros for 7-Night Cruises. The daily program A copy of the daily programme for the next day will be delivered to your stateroom every evening. Your personal bulletin will outline all the events and activities, arrival and departure times at each port, shore excursion details, dining times and other important information such as the opening times of our shops, gym, spa, hair salon, the disco and the casino. The programme will also offer helpful advice on suggested evening wear and other useful information. Celebrate the moment Whether you want to celebrate a special moment with your loved one or spend quality family time together, you’ll find exactly what you need on board. You can pre-book a whole range of services in addition to your inclusive cruise package, visit our website for more information. Bon Voyage Vouchers Our gift vouchers are the perfect gift for the people you care about. Simply pre buy a 50, 100 or 200€ voucher and let your dear ones be delighted during their cruise. For Food and Wine Connoisseurs Enjoying excellent food and wine should not be a luxury. Our gourmet package has been carefully selected for people with refined taste and passion. Good Wine, Good Times We carry the best Greek wines, carefully curated by our experts, to compliment your cruise. Simply pick the wine of your choice from our wine cellars. Time to Pamper Yourself Our revitalizing onboard spa is where all your day-today worries are left at the door. Leave yourself in our spa team’s expert hands and get ready to unwind. Celebrate your Special Moments Special occasions are all about the celebration. That’s why we offer a wide range of celebration packages onboard so you can create unforgettable memories. Get your Sparkle On Nothing compliments happiness like a touch of luxury. From a sparkling wake up to drinking champagne under the stars, we have you covered. Private Group Services Private Group Cocktail Parties (Minimum 10 People, 60 Minutes) Private Group Meetings (Minimum 10 People, 60 Minutes) Private Group Activities (60 Minutes) For details and pre-bookings please contact our Passenger Services Department at Contact email: [email protected] Life onboard

11 An inclusive experience The Celestyal Inclusive Experience offers a combination of outstanding value for money along with the highest standards. Dining Selection of international/Mediterranean dishes with Greek Gastronomy Twist. There’s nothing quite like it. And you won’t need to wait for your feet to touch land before dining on some of the best that Greece has to offer. Aboard your Celestyal cruise, our freshly prepared complimentary meals take the best bits of local cuisine and bring them right to your table. Our people know Greece as their home - let them give you an authentic taste of it, for every meal of the day. World-renowned American-Greek chef Diane Kochilas has designed an exclusive Speciality menu drawing on all the unique tastes of the Greek islands - be sure not to miss her daily signature dish on the dinner menu. Special and Saleable items ‘Our Chef’s Gourmet Selection’ Menu Fancy trying something new or something more exclusive ? We serve Surf & Turf, Beef filet, American Wagyu steak, Black Angus, Tomahawk, Ribeye and more, at extra charge! Dining options available at extra charge For a unique and memorable dining experience, our specialty menus by Mrs. Diane Kochilas, our world renowned consultant chef from Ikaria island with wine pairing to enhance your stay onboard. Enjoy also our Mediterranean menu on board Celestyal Olympia. On board Celestyal Journey, Experience a unique meal at our Smoked Olive, Pink moon, Greek Deli outlets or Celebrate a special occasion at our Chef’s table from 10 to 14 persons. Prior reservation for dining at any of the above restaurants is required. Fig and Honey outlet (on board Celestyal Journey only) will offer you the opportunity to enjoy irresistible ice creams, dreamy desserts and freshly made juices as you stargaze your way across the Mediterranean. Breakfast in Stateroom You can enjoy a breakfast in bed with our room service. Treat yourself to a Continental or full English breakfast with fresh juices and tea and coffee. This service is chargeable. Room Service & Bar Snacks Our 24-hour service satisfies cravings quickly and at any time of the day. The menu includes snacks as well as delicious hot meals served in our cozy lounges and bars or in the comfort of your own stateroom (available at a charge). Drinks Beaming sunshine. Glistening waters. What’s missing? Ah, your drinks. If you’re dreaming of a cool bottle of beer, fruity cocktail, or even a crisp glass of white, there are options for everyone. Enjoy one of our signature cocktails or try our Champagne menu and get ready for a wonderful experience at our Fizz Club (On board Celestyal Journey only). Plus, the usual softs drinks for kids, and refreshing teas and coffees to help kick the day off too - especially after that third cocktail. If you have not upgraded your drink package, now is the opportunity to pre book the available Premium packages. Remember… vacation is the time for treating yourself. Special Dietary Arrangements Please let us know if you have any specific dietary requirements and we will do our best to help. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free diets are accommodated. Please let your travel agent know or contact our Passenger Services Department at [email protected] so that our catering team can be advised in advance. If this is not possible, please inform your ship’s assistant Maitre D’ of any requests when you embark. Halal meals are available free of charge. Kosher meals are available upon request at an extra charge and not later than 30 days before your cruise departs. Celestyal dining services are offered on open seating basis. However, it may be required to have two dining seatings, an early and a main one, even at short notice. Contact email: [email protected]

12 Life onboard Contact email: [email protected] Entertainment day and night When it comes to entertainment, the fun never stops. There is a Gym, Spa, Shops and photo shop onboard. There is a packed programme of events and activities every day with something to keep everyone amused whatever your age might be. There is traditional and contemporary music, live shows, dancing lessons, exercise classes, language lessons and handicraft, lectures, sporting tournaments (where applicable) and much more. We start early while at sea and continue all day and into the evening. Our nightlife features a whole host of entertainment with both Greek and international themes. We have excellent musicians and you will enjoy the sounds of the bouzouki and popular Greek songs. You can also be the star of the show in the karaoke nights or learn to dance like a Greek - although there is no plate smashing. If the disco is more your thing, our DJ provides plenty of popular international music. You can be our Dancing Queen or King! Formal Evening During our 7 night and 4 night cruises, we host a Gala Night and the Captain’s Cocktail in honour of our guests, and we ask that you attend in formal dress: a cocktail dress or something smart for the ladies, jacket and tie for the men. Relax by the Pool One of the very best places to chill out and relax on board, under the glorious Mediterranean sun with your favourite cocktail are the pool decks. Just bring a pool towel from your stateroom and come on up. On the Celestyal Olympia we also have a smaller, shallower pool for younger cruisers. The size and number of pools varies from ship to ship. If you want to keep in shape or simply enjoy a little gentle exercise, please visit our fully equipped gym, towels are provided. And for some super-relaxation, book a massage in one of our massage rooms. Relax, keep fit, feel special Cruise vacations are for pampering, disconnecting and treating yourself. Our cruise ships feature facilities where you can relax your mind and body in luxurious spas, keep fit in our fully-equipped fitness centres and feel special at our salons. Indulge! Spa day at sea Relaxation is easy to achieve on your cruise, but why not take it even further? Take some time for yourself at our Health Spa, waited on by delightful, attentive beauty experts who go the extra mile. From classic massage, healing and ayurveda therapies to facial treatments, hair styling and luxury manicures, your onboard salon team creates an experience personal to you. After that, it’s time for a well-earned dip in the jacuzzi or sauna. Indulgent? You bet!

13 Contact email: [email protected] Your Health and Wellbeing Your health is important to us and it will reassure you to know that we have a well-equipped medical center manned by a doctor and a nurse for all our cruises. If you are feeling unwell or need advice you can make an appointment through reception unless of course it is an emergency. It should be noted that the ship’s medical centre is not required to be and is not equipped to the same standards as a land based hospital. The ship carries medical supplies and equipment in accordance with its flag state requirement. Please note that if you require medical care onboard or any medication, your personal account will be charged. You may wish to check the level of cover you have with your travel insurance company before your cruise to see which costs are likely to be included. If you have any current health issues please inform us in advance of travel by emailing [email protected] Depending on the circumstances you may need to let us have a written statement from your doctor that you are fit to participate in the cruise you have booked with us. We will always do our very best to help with any special arrangements in your stateroom but please advise us well in advance. Important travel advisory for guests over the age of 60 and guests with pre existing medical condition is required. Photography Onboard your Celestyal Cruise you’ll find professional photographers who are there to capture your special moments. Whether you’re celebrating your honeymoon, anniversary or the holiday of your dreams, our photographers can capture the moments both onboard and onshore with photos and videos. Choose from a variety of packages or purchase individual photos in print, on a DVD album, or downloaded onto a USB stick. And don’t forget to buy your souvenir DVD of your cruise experience. Shopping Our onboard duty-free shops are where you can find everything from souvenirs and clothes to tobacco and spirits. They are well-stocked with everything you might need including daily essentials and special treats. Our friendly shop assistants can help you choose the perfect gift. What’s more, our Agora Shop features Greek exclusive and tailor-made products for you, such as olive oil, wine, accessories and jewelry as well as special tastings and presentations. Smoking policy Smoking tobacco, cigars and electronic cigarettes is only permitted in designated areas on open decks.

14 The weather in the Mediterranean is mild and pleasant year-round. If you cruise with us during the warmer part of the year, from May through September, light-coloured cotton clothes will help keep you cool. You should also bring swimsuits, if you plan to swim in our pool or at one of the incredible beaches we’ll visit, as well as sunglasses and a hat which, combined with a good sunscreen, will help protect you from the Mediterranean sun. If you intend to use one of the well-equipped gyms on our ships, make sure to bring proper clothes and shoes (but don’t worry about a towel, we’ll provide it). Airconditioning is strong on the ship and because of the occasional sea breeze in the afternoon, we suggest that you also pack a light jacket or a windbreaker. Dressing for our Shore Excursions During the summer months, light-coloured cotton or sports clothes that “breathe” will help keep you cool on our excursions. Make sure that you wear comfortable shoes for all excursions. If you plan to visit the beach you’ll need a swimsuit, as well as sunglasses and a hat which, combined with comfortable shoes and a good sunscreen, will help protect you from the brilliant Mediterranean sun. If you intend visiting a religious or pilgrimage site, please dress respectfully in long trousers or a skirt that falls below the knee, and please remember to cover your shoulders. As we sail through autumn and winter, warmer clothing is recommended as temperatures will be cooler. Wind breakers and warm jackets are a good idea. Afternoons We do not permit bathing suits or shorts in the restaurants, but we serve a delicious lunch buffet on our pool deck every day, where you can enter wearing short pants or bermudas. Evening wear Your attire should be Jacket and Tie for the gentlemen and elegant outfit for the ladies. No shorts or bathing suits will be accepted in the indoor restaurants after 6.00pm . Dress up On each Celestyal cruise we host several themed nights such as White night, famous Greek night, where passengers are invited to wear blue and white (the colours of the Greek flag). During our 7 night and 4 night cruises there is a Gala night including Captain’s cocktail and Ship’s Officers’ presentation, where passengers are suggested to attend in formal dress: a cocktail dress or something smart for the ladies, smart casual attire for the gentlemen. Remember the photographer will be there to capture the moment. Check your daily program for a schedule of all evening events. Footwear For your safety and comfort on board we suggest sports, flat deck shoes with low heels or sandals. These types of footwear will make it easier for you to navigate the cruise ship decks and stairwells. Please do not walk barefoot on the open decks. What to wear Contact email: [email protected]

15 Accessories You’ll need a hat, sunglasses, a bathing suit, sandals and perhaps a small umbrella. Why not visit our on board shops where you will be able to buy suntan oil, eye protection, bathing suits among other goods? If you have forgotten your camera at home, rest assured that our excellent photographers on board will shoot incredible photos and videos for you. Don’t forget, the winter months can get cold, so please bring some suitable clothing! Contact email: [email protected]

16 Your chance of a lifetime - to make memories that will last a lifetime! There really is nowhere else like our beautiful blue corner of the world and this is your chance to see it up close and personal! Whether you’re walking in the footsteps of ancient civilisations or practising your traditional Greek dance moves in a sunlit vineyard, we want to make sure you don’t miss a single thing as we enjoy our time together. Don’t forget! By booking an excursion, you will have priority disembarkation. Shore Excursions Don’t forget to redeem your voucher on time You can do this up to 48 hours prior to embarkation leaving you to relax and enjoy the warm welcome onboard knowing that’s already taken care of. Don’t miss out - book now Our immersive onshore experiences are extremely popular, and we’d hate you to miss out. Also, you’ll save time, money and queuing when you book ahead, while ensuring your chosen language option is ready and waiting for you. Authentic encounters can be prebooked or canceled up to 15 days prior to the sailing date. They run in English language only. Join our excursion presentation on embarkation Not only is this a chance to get a taste of the incredible destination experience that awaits you on your adventure, but it’s also an ideal way to know how things work, from where to disembark, to key times what not to miss and other such formalities along the way. Of course, we’re also always on hand to answer any questions you may have throughout your voyage, so please don’t hold back - we love nothing more than sharing our passion for discovery!

17 Responsible Explorer Guidelines Making discoveries, sharing moments of wonder… this is what cruising is all about! As we’re all in this together, it’s up to each of us to be responsible explorers onshore. Please take the time to absorb these guidelines, then get ready for adventure. Arrival Be at the meeting point on your daily program 10 minutes early if possible to avoid delays. Shore Excursions On Board Booking Use your booking form to avoid queues and contact. Guides Listen out for important instructions as well as great stories. Transport Please keep to our seating arrangements. Capacity is based on local rules. Radio guides Use your Whisper radio guide to stay connected with us at all times. i

18 Contact email: [email protected] Balance of your account Guests who have registered their credit cards at the beginning of the cruise will receive a printed detailed statement of their on board charges, under the stateroom door the day before their disembarkation. Any discrepancies regarding their account statements shall be settled at the Reception desk before their final disembarkation from the ship. Their account will remain open till their final disembarkation. Guests who have chosen to deposit a cash amount will have to settle their account at the Reception desk the night before the end of the cruise (time will be announced in the disembarkation letter. Their account will be closed, and any additional services or purchases should be paid in cash. Settling your onboard account

19 Medical treatment If you are using a specific medicine or other drug treatment please remember to bring along a sufficient supply for your cruise. It may not be available from our medical centre. If your medication needs refrigeration please notify us at the time of the booking. If applicable, please make sure you have a spare pair of glasses or contact lenses. Medical treatment is at extra cost. For medical fees (consultation and medicines) please refer to the medical centre. Pregnancy and infants For their own health and safety, women who are or will be 24 weeks pregnant at any stage of the cruise are not allowed to travel aboard our vessels. We recommend that pregnant women who have not yet completed the 12th week of their pregnancy by the date of the cruise to consult their gynaecologist. We reserve the right to request a medical certificate at any stage of pregnancy and to refuse travel aboard our vessel if not satisfied that the passenger will be safe during the cruise. For their own health and safety, infants under 3 months old are not permitted on board. If you require a baby cot, please advise our Reservations department at the time of reservation, as a number of stateroom categories cannot hold baby cots. We must advise you that we do not carry baby food on board, nor do we provide a babysitting service. For more questions about travelling with your baby, please call our Passenger Service Department at (+30) 216 400 9821 or by email at [email protected]. Note: In case of a medical condition, please contact us well in advance since not all cases can be supported. Important information Contact email: [email protected]

20 Guests with disabilities or impaired mobility If you have a mobility impairment, at the time of booking we kindly request that you provide us with full and detailed information in connection to your disability. If we believe there might be a safety issue for you or for your travelling companion, Celestyal Cruises reserves the right to advise that the guest with health or mobility impairments must have the assistance of a person who will be responsible for and take charge of all of this guest’s needs and requirements. If you or your travelling companion requires personal, individual care or supervision, this must be organized by you or your travelling companion at your cost. No Celestyal Cruises ship or staff or crew member can provide specific care or supervision to anyone, nor can we provide any form of medical care for a physical or psychiatric condition. If you or the person with whom you are sharing your stateroom must use any special medical equipment during your cruise, you must notify us before you book your cruise, so we can be certain we are in a position to ensure the safe transportation and storage of this equipment (with the condition that it fits in your stateroom). This also applies to those travelling with a specially-trained guide or aid dog. If you are travelling with a guide dog, kindly note that all documentation must be sent to our Passenger Service Department by email at [email protected] at the time of booking, to ensure that there will be no issues in any of the ports visited. We have a limited number of staterooms suitable for people with disabilities or whose mobility is impaired, and not all areas of our ships are accessible to these guests or equipped for them. Given these restrictions, bookings for such guests are dependent upon the availability of suitable on-board lodging. The assistance of an able bodied person capable of caring for the guest with limited mobility throughout the selected cruise is necessary. Incurring cost is on the guest’s account. Guests using a wheelchair must bring bring his/her own normal size wheelchair. Celestyal Cruises only carries wheelchairs for emergencies on its vessels. Celestyal Cruises is not required or obliged to organize alternative activities on board or on shore for guests with disabilities or whose mobility is impaired. Celestyal Cruises does not bear responsibility for the partial or complete inability of Contact email: [email protected] Important information

21 these guests to participate in advertised activities or on shore excursions during the cruise. We will always do our best to accommodate, satisfy and support the demands, needs and wishes of our guests, be they medical, dietary or otherwise. Celestyal Cruises reserves (in its absolute discretion) the right to refuse to accept a booking or embarkation of a disabled person or person with reduced mobility on the grounds of safety. Note: It is to be noted that guests travelling with a wheelchair may not be able to disembark in any of the ports where tender boat service is in use for safety reasons. Our itineraries include at least one or two tendering ports therefore we suggest that you contact the Passenger Services office at [email protected] for any clarification needed. Time to say goodbye When your ship has docked, disembarkation will begin only once the local port officials have given clearance and after all luggage has been offloaded. Disembarkation will take place in small groups in order to avoid congestion in the terminal and to respect social distancing. You should estimate an average time of maximum 2 hours from the ship’s berthing time until your final disembarkation. In the meantime you can relax on board. Traveling time between the port of Piraeus or the port of Lavrio to Athens International airport will depend on means of transportation and traffic. As an Indication please note that the ride between Piraeus and Athens International Airport last approximately one hour while the ride between Lavrio port and Athens International Airport lasts approximately 40 minutes. If you have an early flight , contact the reception desk on board for further assistance. You can also contact our Passenger Service department at [email protected] Contact email: [email protected]

22 General information & boarding day preparedness 1. Who is eligible to book a cruise with Celestyal Cruises? Guests of all nationalities and residencies are eligible to book. Guests are responsible for ensuring full compliance with required measures to enter the country of embarkation. Covid 19 protocols On all our itineraries, COVID-19 protocols require pre embarkation health questionnaire to be completed by all guests. Vaccination against covid-19 and pre-embarkation testing for COVID-19 are highly recommended. The use of mask is not required in our cruises, however as the situation is dynamic, local authorities may impose additional requirements until your cruise date. Kindly check our web site for updated information. Embarkation terminal experience 2. Can a guest join the ship at a future port of call? Guests who would be unable to join the ship on the first day may join in one of the intermediate ports providing that that this has been agreed with the company. 3. Will a separate check-in and lounge area be available for Suite guests? A separate check in flow in the terminal for suite guests and for guests who have performed the on line check in will be available. Regretfully no separate lounge is available in the terminal of Piraeus and Lavrio. 4.Arethereanyluggagerecommendationsorrestrictions? Luggage will be dropped off and picked up at the port terminal. This procedure is handled by the local porters until the ship’s gangway, then by ship’s personnel . Please ensure that luggage is clearly labelled and bears the luggage tags provided by the company. 5. What if a guest is not feeling well in the days leading up to their cruise? If feeling ill leading up to the cruise departure date, it’s recommended that the guest does not travel, and, in turn, contact us or their travel agency to re-schedule. 6. Can I get off the ship on my own? Guests are free to visit the sites on their own at their leisure. 7. Will the crew be vaccinated? All crew members will be fully vaccinated and in addition will undergo regular testing. 8. Disembarkation procedure in the intermediate ports of call and specifically in Santorini (Tendering, cable car capacity) In tendering ports where local tenders are used for disembarkation and embarkation (Santorini, Patmos, Mykonos and Milos), the specific protocols of the Hellenic Ministry of Health are in force. About travel insurance 9. Do I have to have travel insurance to take the cruise? COVID-19 medical, cancellation and travel insurance is strongly recommended for both your cruise and entire trip, from the time you leave home until the time you return, either bought from Celestyal Cruises or another insurance provider. 10. If I have insurance from another provider, how can I check that the insurance covers COVID-19 risks? Guests should contact their insurance provider, as well as ensure they are fully familiar with their policy coverage ahead of travel commencing. If you have bought your policy from Celestyal Cruises, please consult either your travel agent or Celestyal Cruises for clarification of coverage. We have a number of policy options available offering various levels of coverage. 11. Do I need to carry a copy of my insurance policy on the cruise? Yes, it’s always recommended to carry with you in either digital or hard copy format your travel insurance in case of requirement to make a claim. 12. What will happen if I do not have the insurance documentation with me. Will I be able to embark? We strongly recommend that you carry those documents with you in the eventuality that you are asked to present these or have to make a claim. That said, as travel insurance is strongly recommended and not mandatory, you will not be required to present proof in order to embark your cruise. On board experience • Celestyal vessels are equipped with upgraded technologies to eliminate cross contamination as indicated by the Protocols of EU Healthy Gateways/Ship Sanitation (Equivalent to CDC). • Ventilation system using 100% outside fresh air, with no air recirculation • HEPA filtration systems used for ventilation in key areas such as medical centers and dedicated isolation rooms. • ATMOS disinfection in ventilation systems of all public areas. 13. What are the Celestyal Cruises’ enhanced medical measures? A team of suitably trained medical staff have been added to the existing qualified doctors and nurses on board who have experience in caring for a broad range of medical conditions. Enhanced shipboard medical centre with critical care capabilities and modified for infection control best practices. Ongoing training and education of shipboard medical staff in Frequently asked questions Contact email: [email protected]

23 the latest clinical care practices for managing COVID-19. COVID-19 PCR and Rapid Antigen testing capabilities are available on board at extra cost, allowing for effective and fast response. 14. Will buffet service be available? All self-service buffets will be accessible. 15. Will room service be available? Room service will still be available for your convenience. 16. Spa and pools, will they be in use? Spa and pools will be in use for the enjoyment of our guests. Please check for opening hours in your daily program of activities. In case of adverse weather conditions, the pool may be closed for safety reasons. 17. Will the kids zone be operated? Kid’s zone will be operated as usual under the supervision of our experienced staff. Please check for opening hours in your daily program of activities. 18. Is the use of masks compulsory on board during the cruise? The use of a mask is not compulsory however it is recommended in all indoor areas and in all crowded indoor and outdoor spaces. Medical care on board 19. What do I do if I feel unwell during the cruise with COVID like symptoms? If a guest feels unwell, he/she should immediately call the Guest Information Desk from their stateroom so they can be evaluated by medical staff through an in-stateroom visit. If required, COVID-19 tests can be conducted onboard, allowing for prompt, accurate onsite results, alongside a multitude of other evaluative tests/measures. This is oneof-many enhanced capabilities of our medical facility where more doctors and nurses have been added, equipment upgraded, and a dedicated Controlled Care Centre to help contain infectious guests or crew while care is administered, away from general medical areas. 20. What is the response plan for a positive COVID-19 test on board? In accordance with the current legislation, COVID-19 positive individuals will be isolated and a health declaration must be submitted to the health authorities. Tracing and quarantining of the high risk close contacts will be carried out. Any subsequent actions will be in co-operation with and under the instructions of the local health authorities. 21. If a guest is moved to isolation, what care and amenities will be available? Medical follow up and care required for the individuals isolated as COVID-19 positive cases will be offered and service will be given by dedicated, trained and suitably equipped staff. 22. How is the medical centre equipped to handle a possible COVID-19 case? Our medical centres have been enhanced with additional medical staff and emergency care equipment (such as ventilators or critical care capable beds). 23. What is the cost for onboard medical care and testing for COVID-19 related concern? On board COVID-19 evaluation and testing that is performed as a recommendation of the onboard medical team is free of charge, as well as COVID-19 related medical treatment provided while on board. Group business & on board events 24. Can group leaders or other members of a group request early boarding? Currently early boarding is not available due to sharp turnaround on all itineraries. 25. Are groups able to bring materials and equipment onboard for use during the cruise? Groups can bring materials on board after agreement of the company according to clear description of the items. 26. Can accommodations be made at the port terminal to support the check-in process for an entire group? Check in process for an entire group is not feasible. Each guest must proceed individually to the check in counters together with all occupants of the same cabin. Staggered arrival at the port for groups must be finalised in advance with our Passenger service department at [email protected] Group leaders will be given a strict timing which must be respected. 27. Are hospitality / registration desks still permitted? Onboard hospitality/registration desks are not permitted. In the eventuality of such request on board the group leader will need to speak with our cruise director who will try to provide assistance depending on requests. 28. Will groups be allowed to bring outside gifts or goods for stateroom deliveries? Yes. Outside gifts/goods brought on board must be sealed in a bag. No food products will be accepted. Please consult with Passenger service department before bringing any items on board at [email protected]. 29. Can dining seating be arranged for groups guests? Relevant request should be addressed to Celestyal group desk in advance of the cruise. The Maitre D. will do their best to accommodate the request within a section of the restaurant and confirmation will be given upon embarkation. 30. Are the onboard conference centres still accessible to host group meetings and events? Yes, all such requests must be made in advance to Celestyal’s group desk. Group meetings will be confirmed subject to availability. Extra charges may apply Contact email: [email protected]